Metroid Dread will be the first game to make the most of the Nintendo Switch OLED

The new Metroid will be the first game to make the most of the new Nintendo Switch OLED

Metroid Dread will be launched worldwide on the same day as Nintendo Switch OLED, the new model of the console of the Kyoto house announced today. Although the new Metroid is playable on any console in the Switch family, it has already been confirmed that it will have improved performance on the new version of the Switch with an OLED screen. The appointment, both for Metroid Dread and for the new one Nintendo Switch, it is therefore the same day: theOctober 8.

Metroid Dread will boast several improvements on the Nintendo Switch OLED

According to Nintendo itself, the new Metroid it will be even more engaging on the screens of Nintendo Switch OLED, thanks to the more vivid colors of the new screen and improved audio. Playing the new adventure of Samus Aran in portable or tabletop mode will therefore be an even more immersive experience than the other Nintendo Switch models. Metroid Dread was announced during Nintendo Direct of E3 2021, Samus Aran’s first 2D adventure to arrive on Nintendo consoles almost 20 years after the last incarnation.

The title was conceived as a sequel to Metroid Fusion. In the game Samus will face it against new opponents called E.M.M.I. apparently indestructible robots from which the protagonist can only escape, at least until she finds the right weapons to fight back. The new Switch instead, in addition to the eight-inch OLED screen, will also have some improvements, such as 64 GB of internal space, improved audio, a more solid base to support it and a LAN port.

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