Microsoft would like to revive old franchises like Crash and Spyro

Microsoft vorrebbe far rivivere franchise come Crash, Spyro e Tony Hawk thumbnail

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft has made the eyes of the most nostalgic players sparkle, who would like a return of titles such as, for example, Crash and Spyro: apparently Phil Spencer intends to please them.

Phil Spencer suggests that Microsoft could work on a comeback of titles like Crash, Spyro, Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk

Interviewed by the Washington Post, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer claims to be considering the entire Activision Blizzard catalog. Microsoft, which bought Activision on January 18, then got its hands on thick titles, such as the franchise Call of Duty. But not just modern video games: Activision owns the brand of numerous cult video games. Some examples? Crash, Spyro The Dragon, Guitar Hero e Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. A catalog capable of making the hearts of enthusiasts beat faster who, since the first rumors of the acquisition, have hoped for a return of these great classics.

Well dear nostalgic friends, start dusting off Guitar Hero guitars, why the nostalgia operation could be around the corner. In fact, Spencer said he was enthusiastic at the thought of being able to give a second life to certain titles. Here’s how the CEO commented on the topic:

“I’m excited about the idea of ​​working on titles that have marked the childhoods of many, including mine.”

A few words, enough to confirm that there is interest: now we just have to cultivate a healthy hope.

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