MSI laptop: discounts up to 900 euros on Amazon

MSI laptop: discounts up to 900 euros on Amazon

MSI laptops are subject to discounts of up to 900 euros on Amazon during this period. For gamers and not, it is a great opportunity to buy a latest generation laptop!

On the occasion of the Amazon Spring Deals (24-31 March 2021) it will be possible to buy an MSI laptop with discounts of up to 900 euros. Let’s see what this discount campaign consists of and what are the main products on offer.

MSI laptop: discounted on Amazon

Gamers looking for a super-performing gaming notebook will not be able to miss the GT76 Titan, equipped with 17,3FHD display and Comet Lake i9-10900K CPU, at 2,999 euros (instead of 3,899 euros) or the more compact GE66 Raider e GP66 Leopard, both equipped with a display of 15.6 ?? FHD and the new NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060, respectively on sale at 2,249 euros (instead of 2,349 euros) and 1,999 euros (instead of 2,099 euros).

For those who have a smaller budget and are looking for a performing laptop with which to study and play great in their free time, they should not miss the GP75 Leopard (1,449 euros, instead of 1,849 euros), which is equipped with a comfortable 17.3 FHD display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX2060 graphics and Comet Lake i7-10750H CPU, or the slim GF75 Thin, also equipped with a large 17.3 FHD display, or even the smallest GL65 Leopard with NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070, respectively for sale at 1,499 euros, instead of 1,599 euros, and 1,799 euros, instead of 2,149 euros.

The Amazon Spring Deals are also an excellent opportunity to buy an MSI laptop not only for video game lovers, but also for those involved in video editing, graphics, music production or rendering. According to different performance and budget needs, happy creators will be able to choose between the Creator 17M and two different versions of the Creator 17, but all equipped with a large display from 17.3 ?? UHD or FHD, and on sale respectively at 1,499 euros, instead of 1,699 euros, and 2,899 euros (instead of 2,999 euros), and 3,299 euros ( instead of € 3,999) for the model that also includes the X-Rite calibration and profiling solution.

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