Netflix: new increase coming for subscribers?

Netflix: nuovo aumento in arrivo per gli abbonati? thumbnail

The stop to password sharing has led to a significant increase in subscribers for NetflixThat could now decide to increase subscription prices.

According to Reuters estimates, the streaming giant earned well 6 million subscribers in Q3 2023. Forecasts that should be confirmed tomorrow, when the company releases its Q3 (third quarter) earnings.

Analysts predict a new price increase for Netflix

According to several analysts, the platform will increase the prices of its plans in the near future. Experts believe that, although subscribers have grown, capitalization could be held back by the actors’ strike, which has led to the suspension of numerous scheduled productions (resulting in losses for the company).

Analysts believe that Netflix’s strategy is to increase the prices of subscriptions with advertising, thus leading users to choose a cheaper plan. The move would therefore lead to a increase in value of the plan with advertisingwhich costs users less, but which allows Netflix to earn from the increased sale of advertising space. A strategy, the latter, which we had already told you about in another article, and which Netflix has already implemented in some markets.

“Using these tactics, Netflix will likely double its number of ad-supported viewers next year,” he said Ross BenesInsider Intelligence analyst.

According to Visible Alpha estimates, the ad-supported plan is expected to generate pe revenue in the third quarter ending in Septemberr $188.1 millionwith an increase in subscribers of 2.8 million compared to the previous quarter.

For the exact figures we will have to wait for tomorrow’s official report.

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