NETGEAR revolutionizes Wi-Fi with the Wi-Fi 7 router

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NETGEAR, known for its range of intelligent products designed to make people’s lives easier, has introduced the first WiFi 7 router as the latest addition to its award-winning Nighthawk series

Il Router Nighthawk RS700 Of NETGEAR is the result of over 25 years of experience in the field of cutting-edge WiFi technology and is at the forefront of the WiFi 7 revolution. With unprecedented power, the RS700 offers Ultra-fast WiFi speeds up to 19Gbpsfar surpassing previous generations.

NETGEAR revolutionizes Wi-Fi with the Wi-Fi 7 router

NETGEAR Nighthawk RS700: the WiFi 7 revolution at 19 Gbps.

In an age where connectivity needs in increasingly high-tech homes push existing WiFi standards to the limit, WiFi 7 becomes essential to support faster speeds, lower latencies and higher capacities. Thanks to his exceptional poweril router RS700 di NETGEAR reaches speeds up to 19 Gbpsensuring a next-generation AR/VR gaming experience, high-definition Zoom calls and streaming 8K simultaneous for several users.

Il RS700 is equipped with a 10 Gb internet port to support the fastest internet connections available and offers a 10Gb LAN port and four 1Gb LAN ports for fast, flexible wired connections.

Furthermore, the router includes a integrated security solution call NETGEAR Armor Powered by Bitdefender, which offers automatic protection for all connected devices for one year. This security solution monitors incoming and outgoing activity to the Internet, protecting a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, security cameras and IoT devices.

The design of the NETGEAR Nighthawk RS700 Router was designed to maximize coverage and performance. High-performance antennas offer a 360 degree coverage optimized to support up to 200 client devices simultaneously throughout your home.

The articulated profile and 3D antennas allow for optimal connection in a variety of home environments. Additionally, the router features radio frequency circuitry that provides exceptional power to reach WiFi signals up to 250 square meters.

Il Router Nighthawk RS700 It is designed to be compact and fits easily into any home environment. Offers advanced features, including link aggregation, wired doors for easy upgrade of your home network to a multi-gigabit network and the ability to connect a USB hard drive for backup, file sharing and high-quality media streaming.

Among the technical specifications of the router we find ad channels high capacity 320 MHz and 4K QAMoperation Multi-Link to improve network reliability and reduce latency, lower latency to improve gaming experiences and greater capacity to support a wide range of connected devices.

Il Router Tri-Band NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 7 RS700S is already available for pre-order on al prezzo recommended to the public of €899.99.

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