New speedrun record for Elden Ring: game over in 12 minutes | Video

Uno speedrunner fissa il nuovo record per Elden Ring: gioco finito in 12 minuti e 32 secondi thumbnail

Elden Ring’s world speedrun record is now 12 minutes and 32 seconds, but the new holder believes it is possible to do better.

Elden Ring: the video of the new world record

It took exactly 12 minutes and 31 seconds for Mitchriz, a player known for his skills as a speedrunner, to finish Elden Ring. Over the last few months, since its release in February 2022, several users had challenged each other to finish the game in the shortest possible time, to the point that different categories were created according to the styles of speedrun.

To do this, Mitchriz made use of zip glitches, which allow him to “jump” across the map and bypass the battles against the game’s various bosses, except the last one. The zip glitch requires players to carefully align their character and perform a blocking animation, moving the character across the map. Mitchriz believes the record can still be improved as more glitches in the game come to light.

Mitchriz is a well-known speedrunner from FromSoftware, who recently completed Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice blindfolded during Awesome Games Done Quick. He succeeded by carefully memorizing the order of the movements, the audio to orient oneself.