Nintendo Switch Pro: The Big N has no plans beyond OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED model does not include plans for a hypothetical Pro model: we report the icy no-comment of the Kyoto giant

A market analysis of the foreign press suggested that the profit margin of the model OLED of Nintendo Switch involves a sort of “melina” on the part of the Big N, but there are no plans whatsoever for the still hypothetical Pro model. Despite the announcement of a new model full of features, the rumor wheel has not stopped. We can’t entirely blame the speculative scene – new console components should raise the price by just $ 10, not $ 50. Nonetheless, the Kyoto giant wanted to clarify with an unusual transparency.

Nintendo’s plans, from the Switch OLED to the Pro version… or not?

Nintendo has openly responded to the criticisms by defining the Switch OLED report as incorrect, denying the profit margin theory, before “outlining” the plans for the Pro model. The quotes are de rigueur, since clarity concerns only and only the redesign. As for the protagonist of a thousand and more rumors, the baseless chatter will continue for a while: in this case, the Big N has opted for the usual no-comment.

However, the Kyoto giant did not even deny itself a burst of honesty at the time. We recall in fact that in 2019 the president Shuntaro Furukawa he admitted to playing hole cards, putting the surprise effect on customers first (and also acknowledging the approval of the shareholders). Always bringing up consumers and investors, with the latest denial the company wanted to sacrifice one of its pawns. In this sort of mixed message, the purpose was to remind us to put the spotlight only on the OLED screen.

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