Nissan celebrates 90 years by renewing its love for cinema

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The celebrations continue for the 90 years of Nissan and continues the brand’s relationship with cinema. A very strong bond, which is renewed once again in the celebrations of this anniversary. Nissan is in fact at the side of the Rome Film Festival, as the official car of the event through its complete range of electrified crossovers. After all, this very type of nutrition will become increasingly relevant for the brand in the near future.

Nissan at the Rome Film Festival with a short film

These 90 years have been characterized by continued loyalty to three values, which are fundamental for Nissan and from a certain point of view for all Japanese culture. The importance of imagination as a creative force, the ability to take care of others and anticipate their needs and the desire to challenge conventions, to go beyond what has always been done. In short Until, Omotenashi e A bookletrespectively.

All three of these values ​​are well represented by electric challenge, which Nissan has picked up with both hands. In these 90 years the brand has always shown itself open to this type of fuel, launching a vehicle in this category as early as 1947. The real turning point, however, came in 2010 when, ahead of its time, it arrived on the market Nissan LEAFthe first 100% electric car for the mass market.

The short film focuses on the latter The next door pioneer, shown to the press during the Roman event. It is the first-person story of a man, who explains his experience with this car and how it was also welcomed by his friends. This is a Nissan customer of course, a very special one. In fact, he was the first Italian to purchase a Nissan LEAFthe first to believe in this project.

And so through the filter of cinema, Nissan reflects itself in this man, finding all the values above. Because believing in electric is not a given today, let alone 13 years ago. Yet this “pioneer next door” wanted it take responsibility to help humanity, confront habits face to face and imagine a different world. And she paved a path that continues today.

An ambitious plan for Nissan, towards 100

The Japanese brand is in fact carrying that forward green transformation which LEAF somehow anticipated. This with a plan that definitely includes steps ambitious, which also involves collaboration with institutions and local authorities to be able to bring more and more people onto the electric road. Without limiting themselves to preaching, but facilitating their access.

They will have a fundamental role solid state batteries. A very important hardware innovation, which will have a key impact. Compared to current ones, in fact, they cost less than half and recharge in a third of the time. This allows us to counteract two of the main problems of electric in the common perception and the idea is that after a first launch in 2028, from 2030 the entire Nissan range will use them.

Another relevant factor will be the diffusion of e-POWER engines. A cross between thermal and electric, different from the one commonly defined as hybrid, which can really ferry consumers from one side of the barricade to the other.

The increasingly intensive use of this type of power supply will also be useful for a green impact from other points of view. In fact, e-POWER motors can share part of the production line and construction elements with electric ones. This will then allow you to rationalize production, limiting consumption (and therefore the effect on the environment) even in this phase. Because actually it wouldn’t make sense to produce less polluting vehicles by polluting.

Speaking of which, they will come large investments also in Europe precisely in this area. The plan foresees the opening of one of the so-called by 2030 Gigafactory, specifically in the United Kingdom. A way to incentivize and highlight Nissan’s 360° commitment to the electric transformation once again.

Nissan relaunches its commitment for 2030 at the Rome Film Festival

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If at this Film Festival Nissan celebrates its 90th anniversary, all eyes are still on the 100th birthday. An appointment that Nissan hopes to arrive with a range radically transformed compared to the conventions of a few years ago. In fact, the goal is to propose in Europe only electric vehicles by 2030 and, as mentioned above, with solid state batteries.

An ambitious plan that is certainly ambitious, but which will equally certainly have an impact on our planet. A great commitment made by Nissanbut after all it is absolutely in line with his values: Kabuku, Iki and Omotenashi.

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