Nissan presents Hyper Force Concept, the next-generation electric supercar

Nissan presenta Hyper Force Concept, la supercar elettrica di nuova generazione thumbnail

Nissan unveils the electric car Hyper Force. This is the fifth of the electric concepts designed for the Japan Mobility Show, with which the Japanese company once again demonstrates its ability to interpret a wide range of customers’ needs and future lifestyles. But not only that: also knowing how to propose solutions capable of improving their lives.

Nissan Hyper Force, a revolutionary electric car

Nissan Hyper Force is designed for racing enthusiasts who seek adrenaline on the track, but who are attentive to the environment. It is a high-performance fully electric supercar, which offers maximum driving pleasure, comfort in daily use and full respect for the environment.

The engine, capable of developing up to 1,000 kW of power, is powered by a solid-state battery. The high aerodynamic performance, the e-4ORCE all-wheel drive and the high-strength carbon structure enhance the dynamic behavior of the car in every driving situation. Even on the most tortuous routes.

Nissan Hyper Forceinternal and external design

The external design reflects the sporty character of Hyper Force. It has lines that are both muscular and elegant and with elements that recall Nissan high-performance N cars, such as the front and rear lights.

The exteriors were designed together with the racing team NISMO. The front bonnet and rear diffuser are designed to optimize air flows, in order to generate the necessary downforce and cool the engine. The front winglets, front fenders and rear wingtips have unique active functionality. The very light carbon rims have a design that promotes aerodynamics and brake cooling.

The concept has two driving modes, “R” (racing) e “GT” (gran turismo). The user interface, created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital Inc., changes color and display. Furthermore, it is designed to provide all the information necessary for drivers in real time.

Autonomous driving

Thanks to advanced autonomous driving with hyper LIDAR and a series of sensors calibrated for sporty driving, the vehicle is designed to guarantee a high level of safety. Both on public roads and on the track.

Amplifying the appeal of Nissan Hyper Force is the innovative augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experience. This innovation allows you to drive in both the real and virtual world in a perfectly integrated manner.

When the vehicle is stationary, the driver can use a special helmet with virtual reality visors to enjoy a “gamified” driving experience, even being able to race against the clock or online. Thanks to special visors for augmented reality, the driver can also compete against the avatars of his friends or professional drivers on a circuit, safely testing his driving skills on the most famous tracks in the real world.

Nissan mostra i nuovi concept al Japan Mobility Show 2023

Nissan Hyper Force is the latest in a series of innovative Nissan concepts that will be on display at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, the year the brand celebrates its 90th anniversary. Nissan aims for a future of accessible electrified mobility, capable of meeting the needs of a broad target of customers, offering them intelligent and connected vehicles capable of making life simpler and more exciting.

Additionally, Nissan is advancing its strategy to build an all-electric vehicle ecosystem for a more sustainable future. The Japan Mobility Show it will be open to the public from October 28th to November 5th. The Nissan booth is in East Hall 4.

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