How safe do Italians feel driving in winter? A survey reveals this

Sicurezza stradale in inverno: un sondaggio svela che il 91% degli italiani si sente insicuro thumbnail

It’s time to change them car tires and say goodbye to the summer ones. So the Goodyear company commissioned YouGov to do a survey on road safety in winterto find out how safe drivers feel driving on difficult roads.

What the survey reveals about road safety

In view of the seasonal change of car tiresthe US company Goodyear – one of the leading brands in tire sales – commissioned YouGov to carry out a survey to find out how Italians deal with the guide during the winter season.

The theme of road safety becomes accentuated duringwinter, when the roads become more difficult due to the harshest weather conditions. And interesting data emerged from the survey.

Meanwhile, the data shows that 91% of Italians participated in the survey he doesn’t feel safe to drive in difficult road conditions in winter. Conditions that can be caused by fog, rain, snow or ice, which add to any bad roads.

In particular, what is of most concern are the icy roads according to 41% of those interviewed, followed directly by the fear that another driver might lose control of their car.

Pressure plays an important role and and brake maintenance, which 33% and 19% of respondents respectively say they check regularly.

Solutions to improve safety

The YouGov survey also highlights the precautions and measures that motorists adopt during the winter to feel better safe on the road.

The majority of those interviewed, 58%, declare that they maintain a greater distance from the car in front of theirs than in normal conditions. Similarly, 39% choose, when possible, well-lit streets.

Road safety for Italians in winter.  Source: Depositphotos

Finally, returning to the topic of maintenance, 90% of those interviewed stated that anxiety when driving during the winter decreases with the awareness of having fitted adequate tyres. And this is where Goodyear came into play by launching tires for winter 2023, with new tires designed for road safety.

The UltraGrip Performance 3 for winter 2023

The UltraGrip Performance 3 is the latest winter tire model launched by the Goodyear company specifically forwinter 2023. Although the summer weather has struggled to leave, the sudden change in weather has led many to rush to change their car’s tyres.

The and launched by Goodyear are the latest in the UltraGrip line and it is a premium tyre which, according to the tests carried out, surpasses other tires in the same category in terms of grip on wet surfaces and precision on snow.

The company insists on the choice of premium tyres since, as also demonstrated by an Autobild test, high- and low-cost winter tires have a braking distance on wet surfaces that can reach up to 10 metres.

In the specifications it is indicated as le winter tires Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 3 are available in 94 sizes and are also suitable for electric machines.

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