Noctua: the LGA 1700 Socket CPU kit available soon

Noctua: the LGA 1700 Socket CPU kit available soon

Noctua recently made it known via Twitter that it will release a free upgrade kit for Intel Alder Lake LGA 1700

The happy owners of Noctua, that is, those who cool their processors with products from this company, will have no reason to fear an update of CPU. In fact, if they have to decide to improve their processor to the next Intel model, or Alder Lake, ignegnerizzato via socket LGA 1700, will be able to sleep peacefully. Noctua confirmed via a nota su Twitter who will provide an upgrade kit for their existing line of products.

A free upgrade kit

The upgrade kit, as stated in the note on Twitter, will primarily affect the model NH-U12A. However, we expect that they will be provided for all the remaining products of the line. The upgrade piece will be shipped to owners of Noctua products for free and will come inserito in bundle in new units sold.

The new LGA 1700 socket will fit, as we said, into the new line Alder Lake which will be released in the second half of this year. They will replace the old ones Rocket Lake which are the latest processors with the socket on board LGA 1200 and a now obsolete 14nm process.

Noctua: the LGA 1700 Socket CPU kit available soon

The new Alder Lake processors will be much more than just a simple one architecture update. In fact, they will bring a not indifferent mix of novelties. This is the first lineup of Intel processors with smaller Atmo and larger Cores contained in one PCB taller than the classic square-shaped chips that Intel produced in the previous decade.

What do you think of the new forms of the processors Intel and the choice of Noctua to provide free i pieces to adapt their products to new releases? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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