Notre-Dame On Fire: The burning of the cathedral in Ubisoft’s VR game

In memory of the fire that struck one of the most important Christian cathedrals, Ubisoft has created Notre-Dame On Fire, a new VR game that will put players inside the burning building

Notre-Dame, one of the symbolic works of France and Christianity, suffered heavy damage due to a terrible fire in 2019. The reasons behind this tragic fact are not yet fully clear, suspecting as the main causes a badly extinguished cigarette butt, or an electrical short circuit. The fact is that the flames that hit the building led to the collapse of almost the entire roof, including the large central neo-Gothic spire.

The fire would also have raged due to the constitution of the attic, formed by oak beams that crossed each other. The event in question led to a large number of tributes and acts of solidarity towards the monument, and several were also carried out by the French videogame house Ubisoft. It indeed possesses a deep bond with the cathedral of Notre-Dame, and with a new collaboration with director Jean-Jacques Annaud will soon release a new VR game called Notre-Dame on Fire.

Notre-Dame On Fire, Ubisoft’s homage to the cathedral

The relationship between Ubisoft and Notre-Dame has been going on for some time: not only has the company been able to show the cathedral in its entire beauty within Assassin’s Creed Unity, but also through another VR title called Notre-Dame de Paris: Jounrey Back in Time, where the player had a way of explore the cathedral as it was before the events of 2019. In addition, after the fire, the company donated 500,000 euros to the city of Paris, and also gave away Assassin’s Creed Unity on PC and Uplay. In March 2022, Ubisoft will therefore release Notre-Dame On Fire, its new VR game inspired by a docu-drama about the cathedral of the same name. While the movie shows firefighters taming the flames, in the game, players will have to try to escape from the facility by solving puzzles and working with their team.

The goal set by the game would be make your way inside the cathedral, search for relics and fight the fire, doing everything to save Notre-Dame before time runs out. The game will run for about an hour, and it is not yet clear what formats of VR it will be available on, but in a promotional image you can see the use of an HTC Vive Pro 2 headset. interpret as a benevolent gesture, addressed to those who armed themselves to extinguish the fire, however, several online controversies have arisen, which argue that it is a work of dubious taste.

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