NVIDIA: released security update for Kepler GPU

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NVIDIA has released a brand new security update 473.47 WHQL driver for Kepler GPUs

Welcome friends of tuttotek. Today we will talk about a great news from NVIDIAprecisely on the latest update for the GPU Kepler. We all remember that, just ten years ago, in 2012, NVIDIA first introduced its series of Kepler graphics cards, based on the node TSMC at 28 nm. Recently, the last series that served as support was the 470 driver class.

NVIDIA: released security update for Kepler GPU

Latest news | NVIDIA: released security update for Kepler GPU

Yes, today, NVIDIA has rolled out a security update in the form of a driver WHQL 473.47 which aims to make corrections to various vulnerabilities CVE and which can cause damage of various kinds. For example, they can cause problems that would lead to a dangerous disclosure of information, or they could lead to data tampering.

This version of the driver has no fixed issues and offers no additional features other than the vulnerability fix. With CVEs rated 4.1 to 8.5, NVIDIA was able to eliminate the major problems that bothered users of the Kepler GPU. With a high risk of code execution, denial of service, privilege escalation, information disclosure and data tampering, the driver 473.47 WHQL is another step to support the Kepler architecture up to 2024, when NVIDIA plans to drop support for this architecture. Supported cards are GT 600, GT 700and the series Titan (con Titan Black e Titan Z).

Download updates | NVIDIA: released security update for Kepler GPU

All users and users of the Kepler GPU will be able to download updates immediately. Those who want to do so will find updated drivers available for installation on the NVIDIA website (click here to go to the driver download page). Thanks again to everyone for joining us and see you soon with other news. A greeting from the drafting of tuttotek.

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