Opera and Chess.com have created a custom chess browser

Opera e Chess.com hanno creato un browser di scacchi personalizzato thumbnail

Operaone of the web’s leading innovators, developer of the Opera browser, has collaborated with Chess.com to create a Personalized browser dedicated to chess. Available for both desktop and mobile devices, this thematic version of the browser allows chess enthusiasts to stay connected to their community and play at any time and place, offering the possibility not only to play chess but also to obtain a large amount of relevant content always within reach of all users.

The personalized chess browser thanks to Opera’s partnership with Chess.com

A Chess.com icon will now be present in the sidebar of the new thematic version of Opera Oneso that users will be able to jump in and out of the game at will, solving puzzles or fighting rivals while browsing the web.

Opera users for Android they will, in turn, be able to activate the personalized mobile version of the chess-themed browser, in which the home page will host articles, videos and other informative content, so that all users can learn new strategies and become increasingly better at the game wherever they are find and consequently their own Elo classification (chess rating system).

Opera has a strong track record of following consumer trends and integrating platforms and technologies that users love. The company has integrated TikTok, WhatsApp and Instagram into the desktop sidebar, for example, and football fans can benefit from an in-depth live scores feature on mobile devices. Opera also recently pioneered AI-powered navigation, seamlessly incorporating several GPT-based services while launching its own AI tool, Aria.

Available for both desktop and mobile the custom chess browser

Opera’s chess desktop browser features sidebar integration with Chess.com so users are always just one click away from a puzzle, streamer, or a quick game of blitz.

The intuitive user interface makes it easier than ever to change board settings, manage chats with other players, and watch educational content, all without having to open another tab or move away from what’s on screen. You can also keep the sidebar panel open so you can continue reading, watching, or browsing with one eye on the board, while your opponent plans their next move.

Opera’s main mobile browser, Opera for Android, is also getting a custom build for chess lovers that includes a cache of chess-themed customizations. The new chess-themed wallpapers will be able to immediately change the mood, surrounding users with the aesthetics of the game as they browse. The home page also features videos and articles from Chess.com, as well as quick access to Chess TV and the official website, so that the game, in its many forms, is always at users’ fingertips.

Powerful and secure browsers for desktop and mobile devices

The Opera browser was recently relaunched under the code name Opera One. This is a release that combines new modular design principles with multi-threaded composition technology to bring a user interface to life like never before.

The browser features innovative new solutions such as Tab Islands, VPN Pro, ad blocker and integrated tracker, all features that underline Opera’s commitment to producing a secure and fast platform.

Opera One is also the first browser to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Aria. Based on OpenAI’s GPT technology, Aria allows you to access the features of GPT solutions enhanced by continuously updated information from the web.

Opera for Android is the company’s mobile flagship. This version also includes the same free and Pro VPN options, ad blockers and trackers, and native crypto wallet, so users can easily switch between desktop and mobile apps. Custom wallpaper options allow users to express their uniqueness, while Aria, also available on Opera for Android, helps them optimize their productivity on the go.

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