Oppo and UEFA Champions League talk about the “Inspirational Games”

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Football and technology are two worlds that thrive on passion and the search for improvement. But also tradition and memories. And more than anything: inspiration. Oppo and the UEFA Champions League have therefore launched the “Inspirational Games” campaign, where you can vote for the three most exciting matches of all time.

Oppo e UEFA Champions League: i tre “Inspirational Games”

After voting, Oppo contacted three fans who were able to relive the three most voted matches, some of the historic moments of the Champions League. And he made this video that tells their emotions, the feelings that these spectacular actions have inspired.

Mike Ferney he supports Liverpool, but he cannot attend matches like the others: he is visually impaired. But even if he can’t follow the actions with his eyes, he lives them with passion. And he recalls Liverpool’s victory in Istanbul in 2005, which Milan fans would certainly like to forget. But it’s a historic game.

We were three to zero against one of the best teams in Europe”, Mike recalls again “it would have been easy to give up and quit, but they decided to continue”. Gerrad’s team recovered an impossible result against that deadly Milan, winning with irrepressible passion.

Per tonin the bullfighter instead the most recent memory is also the most beautiful one. He owns a pub in Madrid and supports the Blancos, who led by Ancelotti and an irrepressible Benzema defeated all the strongest players last year, confirming that Real Madrid has more gear than all the others in the Champions League.

Nam Kun is a Parisian photographer and designer who has been a Paris Saint-Germain supporter since 2000. And he was on the sideline when he witnessed the incredible 4-0 first leg win between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona and the unforgettable 1-6 draw in the second leg.

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With its partnership with the UEFA Champions League, Oppo is leading to more and more ways to enjoy football. Even for those like Mike who want to support Liverpool but have vision problems. For example with technology Color Vision Enhancement which debuted with Oppo Find X3 for those who have problems perceiving colors. Or the searches ofOppo Research Institute Innovation Accelerator for the visually impaired and hearing impaired.

Because everyone deserves to experience the thrill of football. And be inspired by passion and technology.