Pineapple Kid: a new arrival for the Game Boy

For all Game Boy nostalgics, get ready because, at Christmas, you can enrich your collection of cartridges with Pineapple Kid

Apparently the dear old Game Boy, developed by the team led by the good Gunpei Yokoi in the late eighties, is not yet ready to retire and Pineapple Kid is here to remind all fans of that historic console! But let’s try to understand a little better what it is.

Pineapple Kid: un Game Boy per Natale

Game Boy titles haven’t exactly been new in recent years, given the many examples, and Pineapple Kid from Bitmap Soft it is tangible proof of this. It is a title developed by two brothers, a bit like it was for Cuphead, with 70 labyrinthine levels to explore and even a background story.

Pineapples have always dreamed of having a happier life in a place called Pineapple Paradise. The legendary Tower that can guarantee the passage to Pineapple Paradise is said to appear once every 100 years, but no one has dared to challenge the Tower, and so the legend has become just a tale.

Pineapple Kid: a new arrival for the Game Boy

So guess who will have to solve the mystery of this Tower? That’s right, 500 points ready for you! I pre-orders for the title, also playable on version a colors than onAdvance, have already been available for a few days, but it will arrive anyway for Christmas just in time to be put together with the presents under the tree. Perfect to unwrap and play while warming up by the fireplace!

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