Farming Simulator 22: Confirmed three new game mechanics

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GIANTS Software is preparing to introduce a new series of more game mechanics in Farming Simulator 22: mulching, collecting stones and rolling the soil. These three new features they will make the game experience even more realistic and allow to further improve the yield of agricultural land. These mechanics add to the many improvements already introduced to make Farming Simulator 22 more realistic than ever.

Farming Simulator 22: Three new game mechanics are on the way

The mulch is an operation, widely used in agriculture and gardening, which is carried out by covering the soil with a layer of organic material, in order to prevent the growth of weeds, maintain moisture in the soil and protect the soil from erosion by the action of the pouring rain. In Farming Simulator 22 this operation becomes an integral part of the increase in land yield so in true agriculture. In fact, players will be able to cover the narrow spaces between their vineyards and their olive groves with freshly cut grass to increase the fertility of the soil.

the stones found in the land, which can damage agricultural machinery, will have to be unearthed and removed. Depending on the size it will be necessary to use a special tool connected to a tractor or to use some road rollers that will push them under the nutrient-rich soil.

We also remind you that the game was made with a new graphics engine, the GIANTS Engine 9, designed specifically for Farming Simulator 22. Thanks to this new engine, the developers were able to implement the Parallax Occlusion Mapping technology, a technique capable of significantly increasing the level of detail of each terrain and surface.

For more information you can consult the official website. We remind you that the title will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Google Stadia as of November 22, 2021.