Pokémon European International Championships 2022: Italian streaming

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Officially started today, the 2022 Pokémon European International Championships will also be streamed in Italian by the channel Twitch of Cydonia and Chiara. A further step forward therefore towards the London World Cup this summer. The European Championships represent the beginning of the competitive season for the Sword and Shield games on Nintendo Switch. The tournament will run until Sunday 24 April and is taking place in Frankfurt, Germany.

2022 Pokémon European International Championships in streaming

An almost obligatory choice to make the competition also available in Italian, given the popularity of the Championship in our country. And it is precisely for this reason that today’s one marks an important first step for the entire community. After all, Italy currently holds the largest number of players qualified for the London World Cup in August, with 8 players. And that’s not all, because we also have the historian on our side, since the last edition of the 2019 International Championships, those in Berlin, were won by Flavio Del Pidio. Plus the latest tournament Play! Pokémon Australian of Melbourne saw triumph Marco Silva.

Could this also be a season to be framed for the Italian players? We just have to hope, meanwhile we remind you that the next stop of the season will be in Columbus, Ohio, from 24 to 26 June. As mentioned, the London World Cup will follow (from 18 to 21 August).

Here are the streaming appointments for the current European Championships:

  • Tomorrow (Saturday 23 April) from 08:30 to 18:30
  • Sunday 24 April from 09:30, for the grand final that will crown the winner.

All, of course, on Cydonia and Chiara’s Twitch channel.

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