Amazon’s Sustainable Shopping Tips for Earth Day

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SAN FRANCISCO – OCTOBER 11: Amazon logo on black shiny wall in San Francisco mall in California on October 11, 2015. Amazon is an American international electronic commerce company. It is the world’s largest online retailer.

Amazon also supports Earth Day with a series of initiatives aimed at making users aware of the importance of protecting the environment. Amazon stresses that just a few tricks are enough to generate big changes. For the occasion offered by Earth Day, Amazon also offers some tips for making more conscious purchases.

Amazon supports Earth Day and celebrates it with sustainable shopping ideas

Amazon created a showcase dedicated to Earth Day. This showcase includes a wide range of proposals to make your life more sustainable. Thanks to the brand Amazon Aware, for example, it is possible to easily identify a selection of essential and everyday products capable of guaranteeing maximum sustainability thanks also to external certifications included in the program Climate Pledge Friendly.

A constant commitment to sustainability

To contribute to sustainability, for example, Echo devices with Alexa integration are valuable resources that they can help limit waste. Also note that Amazon is integrating recycled plastics, fabrics and metals in many new devices. Echo devices, Fire TVs, Fire tablets, Kindles and others are made with 10-60% post-consumer recycled plastic. It should be noted that last year Echo devices, Fire TVs and Fire tablets were among the first to qualify for the Climate Pledge Friendly program, confirming Amazon’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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