Powerwash Simulator pressure washers also on PlayStation and Switch

Le pompe idropulitrici di Powerwash Simulator arrivano anche su PlayStation e Switch thumbnail

Relaxation and cleaning with powerful pressure washer pumps are no longer just the prerogative of Xbox and PC. Powerwash Simulator is in fact about to arrive anche su PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 e Nintendo Switch. Let’s talk about the acclaimed cleaning simulator, which will put players in the waterproof shoes of a man to conquer the clean against the impossible dirt.

The game, developed by FuturLab and distributed by Square Enix, is already available on the Xbox Game Pass catalog and on PC (via Steam). It will arrive on PlayStation consoles and Nintendo Switch later this year. But first, to pass the wait, we are presented with a new and absolutely crazy announcement trailer.

The Powewash Simulator trailer on PlayStation and Switch

In the new video we see the character of Kenny Washmore, a veteran of water cleaning and terror of every mite, who said:

“If you love hydro cleaning, you will know that it’s not all roses and flowers. Tangled pipes, electricity, mud and dirty water … If only there was a way to clean satisfactorily without all these problems … Well, we have the perfect product for you, so you too can wash professionally “

Our unjustifiably enthusiastic Powerwash Simulator review reads:

“A bold game that, while everyone else pushes the accelerator to deliver fast-paced gameplay, it brings us back to the tranquility of the passing time. Cleaning is also and above all a way to unplug and, as the game suggests, release the pressure. An appointment with your own thoughts, with flowing water and birds chirping in the background ”.