Xbox Games Showcase: a mysterious “Direct” will follow the event

Unexpected twist for the Xbox Games Showcase: the June event will be followed by a “Direct” for a game still without any title!

Hardware sales may be down, but the jade giant isn't backing down an inch when it comes to hype andXbox Games Showcase already announced for the month of June (not to be confused with ID@Xbox) will be followed by a mysterious “Direct” for a mystery game. So mysterious, it seems, that Microsoft thought well of it openly censor the name of the presentation in the tweet from the official account you see below. For the rest, as already confirmed, the appointment is fixed for Sunday 9 June 2024 on the social channels of the emerald cross, with all the news from first, second (Bethesda, Activision and Blizzard) and third parties which for us Italians will be at seven in the evening. We leave you at post.

Xbox Games Showcase e “[CENSURA] Direct”: what will await us?

What Xbox confirmed for its Games Showcase is that the Direct is about “the next episode of a beloved series”; from the logo we have the head of a wolf, but we know nothing else. Last year, Starfield was the long tail end, therefore what could we expect? Three (or perhaps we should say four) months ago, mother Microsoft's presentation focused on five games. Specifically we allude to Hellblade 2, Avowed, Ara: History Untold and Visions of Mana, together with the reveal of Indiana Jones and The Ancient Circle. Any speculation regarding the final surprise of June, whether it be Fable or Gears of War, leaves the time it finds for now.

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