Proscenic Floobot X1 review: cheap and versatile

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Proscenic Floobot X1 it is a robot vacuum cleaner.
It moves independently, even washes the floor, empties itself and communicates its (few) needs with you.
And it costs, on the list, 499€.
Indeed, currently € 399 thanks to the launch promotion.
This means that we are dealing with a product that does a lot, asks for little and costs much less than most of the competition.
This is the theory though. How does it behave in everyday life Proscenix Floobot X1? We tell you about it in this one review.

The Proscenic Floobot X1 review

The first robot vacuum cleaners did exactly that: they sucked up dust.
The operating system could be more or less intelligent but, in the end, the task they were called upon to perform was only one.
Today things have changed. Contemporary products often don’t just suck up what lurks on our floors, we now have smart appliances that can wash surfaces, remove stains, empty the tank without our help and are programmed to do it themselves, at the time and on the days defined by us, recharging when needed and then picking up work where they left off.

However, all these functions have increased the costs of robot vacuum cleaners.
And it’s true that it’s money well spent given the incredible help they give at home but it’s also true that none of us would mind saving when buying.

Proscenic tries to meet us with its Floobot X1That it vacuums, washes and empties itself, remaining below the 500 euro threshold. And yes, it does all of these things well.

As did?

Proscenic X1 uses a particular technology called NeuVis LiDar.
Why particular?
Because there is LiDar, like on other similar robots, but here the scan does not take place at 360°.
What changes? Mainly two things:

  • the mapping is different and quite accurate, although it has given us some headaches in the long run;
  • there is no turretwhich allows X1 to easily pass under most furniture and radiators thanks to a thickness that stops at 7.4 cm.
  • For the rest the aesthetic is quite traditional, with the front bumper, two touch buttons on the upper part of the robot, the status LED for the Wi-Fi and the lower part which houses the brushes and, optionally, the washing cloth. “If you want” because you can decide whether to apply it or not.
    Inside the package, however, you will find a second cloth, so you can wash one and continue to take advantage of the dual functionality.
    Finally, on the back we have the system that allows you to release the two tanks: one for water, 250 ml, and one for powder, 240 ml.

    Proscenic Floobot X1 tank review

    Accompanying X1 is the emptying base with a wide ramp which acts as a “parking lot” for your robot.
    Pretty? Ugly? Useless? Very comfortable?
    We believe it is very subjective. It is true that most of the manufacturers have chosen to reduce the ramp to occupy as little horizontal space as possible but it is also true that, all in all, the same space would be occupied by the robot itself once in charge.
    We didn’t mind the solution at all.
    Plus Proscenic boasts one of the most compact bases on the market since it is low enough to be placed even under a piece of furniture or a table.
    To characterize it we find a green LED that indicates the status of the robot’s battery and above all the door to access the dust bag, 2.5 litres. Bag that you can remove once full and that to date, after a month of use, we have not yet been able to fill. The company declares up to 2 months but of course it depends on the size of the house and the amount of dust present.
    We also point out that the container that houses the bag also provides a UV light that sterilizes the interior to reduce the transmission of pathogens.

    Proscenic Floobot X1 review: how does it perform?

    Proscenic Floobot X1 recensione design

    The result is quite satisfactory: with its 3,000 Pa it can suck up practically everything while the Vibright technology, which allows the cloth to vibrate 3000 times per minute, allows for wash the floor well enough.
    Let me be clear: it’s not like using an ad hoc floor cleaner or the dear old mocho but at least you have a higher degree of cleanliness than a traditional robot vacuum cleaner.

    IMG 8478

    Among the various sensors on board we also find those dedicated to carpet detection. This allows the X1 to recognize them and behave accordingly: if the cloth is applied, it avoids them so as not to get them wet, if it isn’t there, it can pass over them and vacuum freely.

    It’s not all bad for navigation, either, though the robot is a little aggressive. In fact, it tends to bump against some wall or against some piece of furniture. We therefore advise against leaving delicate furnishing elements and compliments around, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents.
    We also had some problems with some imaginary obstacles. In fact, every now and then Proscenic Floobot X1 asked us to remove objects that weren’t actually present. In short, he saw things that weren’t there. Nothing that has not been solved by simply pressing the button to restart it.

    The last mole concerns the mapping. The first scan was very accurate, with the map showing the actual floor plan of the house. Over time, however, X1 has begun to update the map by adding parts that are not present. We then deleted the map and restarted it.
    We also ended up with 3/4 different maps, as if they were different floors, but in reality they were variants of our apartment with hardly understandable rooms and divisions.
    In short, the mapping is not perfect and every now and then you will have to intervene to restore it.

    IMG 8479

    The app, the remote control and voice commands

    It could possibly be missing l’app? Of course not!
    Is called Proscenicreally very intuitive and lets you do everything: check the map, start the robot, show it areas to clean, create gods virtual dies for areas to avoid, change the suction power and the water flow for each individual roomprogram it and update it.

    However, the app is not the only way to control your robotic helper. We have voice command compatibility, with both Alexa and Google Assistantand – very unusual – a remote control. Just like the one on TV. We haven’t used it very often and above all it requires being close enough to the robot but it is an additional option not to be disdained.


    Proscenic Floobot X1 remote control review

    We have on board a 3,200mAh battery which, in practice, it is not enough to fully support the robot’s activity. When you ask him to wash and clean, the times are slightly longer than the competition. We arrived at 108 minutes for an apartment of less than 50m2. 108 minutes without a row because, at a certain point, he needed to make a pit stop to conclude.
    It’s not the rule, mind you. Times will also vary based on the conditions of your home and as a rule we stayed within 40-50 minutes but be aware that if you have a larger home you will probably have to work two shifts.
    A problem? Not exactly since it recharges itself and then picks up where it left off.

    The Proscenic Floobot X1 review: conclusion

    Proscenic Floobot X1 it’s not perfect, you’ll notice, though does its job. In short, it vacuums, washes, empties itself, has a handy application, supports voice commands… and all this under 500 euros.
    If you want to save money and the below average autonomy is not a problem for you, it could be a valid help at home.


    • Compact and turretless
    • Suction power
    • It can also wash
    • Intuitive app
    • Remote control and voice commands


    • Imperfect navigation
    • Occasional mapping issues
    • Battery life below average