Proscenic presents the wet & dry WashVac F20 vacuum cleaner

Proscenic presenta l'aspirapolvere wet&dry WashVac F20 thumbnail

Proscenic announces the new smart vacuum cleaner WashVac F20wireless and with tecnologia wet&dry to clean in any situation. Suction and washing in a single pass, thanks to the two one-liter tanks on the floor cleaner.

Proscenic WashVac F20, cleaned in one pass

The new Proscenic WashVac F20 delivers four working modes in one, guaranteeing you a truly effective cleaning. Without sacrificing autonomy, however, since you can use it in smart mode up 45 minutes.

It has the ability to absorb and suck liquids and solids together, with a power of 15kPa. In this way, any kind of dirt, including food scraps, disappears in a second. In addition, the air recirculation system does also as a water sterilizer, in order to always remain clean and safe.

The smart broom also has the function of self-drying and self-cleaning brushes, preventing the formation of mold and germs. And with the system Odor-Free you will not have to suffer bad smells.

But the main distinctions compared to the competition concern the Smart mode, which with an integrated infrared sensor, distinguishes the dirt and automatically regulates the necessary suction and water. And the Germ modewhich instead uses electrolytic water to disinfect surfaces, without the need for detergents.

The narrow double-edge design of the head also helps to reach even the most difficult spots, while the Proscenic app for smartphone allows you to start the car wash mode remotely and manage the performance of the appliance.

You can buy Proscenic WashVac F20 on Amazon per 369 euro, also applying an Amazon coupon of 30 euros for an additional discount. Find more information on the Proscenic website.