realityOS may not be in the WWDC22 announcements

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Eyes on WWDC 2022, Apple’s event dedicated to developers. Tech sector experts and fans of the company, in fact, are in trepidation for the possible announcement of the new one AR viewer. On the other hand, considering that many new software side news will be announced, it would not be surprising if Apple decided to present official realityOS, the viewer’s operating system. Apparently, however, the Cupertino company will not announce any of the two news at WWDC. Let’s see why.

realityOS: Apple will not present the operating system at WWDC

Still rumors about the official announcement of realityOS. According to reports from Ming-Chi KuoAlthough the operating system has been registered as a trademark, Apple will not present the AR viewer or dedicated software at WWDC 2022. Apparently, in fact, the headset has not yet entered the mass production phase. Beyond that, Kuo explains precisely what the real reasons are why we won’t see Apple’s realityOS system at the next June event. First of all, there are still months at the official launch of the viewer. Therefore, it makes no sense to announce the viewer now, as this would allow competitors to “Copy” some features of the product and incorporate them into a similar proposal. And the same goes for the operating system, of course.

On the other hand, OPPO is already working on its first glasses for augmented reality. And Xiami recently filed a patent for a similar device. The competition is great, it is undeniable. And Apple has been working on its AR headset for nearly seven years now, facing challenges of all kinds, including overheating and software issues, which have forced the company to postpone the launch. early 2023. Therefore – and this is the second of the reasons listed by Kuo – it is good that Apple present realityOS and the AR viewer when these are really fully functional. In any case, we are not sure about a possible announcement at WWDC 2022. But we also remember that Ming-Chi Kuo has rarely been wrong about anything.

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