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Review Speedlink VIRTAS: cuffie da gaming immersive

Speedlink is a German company specializing in gaming products. We tried the Speedlink VIRTAS headphones, a headset with an immersive sound

We often talk about Speedlink and its fantastic products. We recently got to review the sound system Speedlink Gravity RGB 2.1. This time it is the turn of a gaming headset that particularly impressed me: Speedlink VIRTAS 7.1. The headphones, tried and tested thoroughly for you, thrilled me with the presence of a sound that I would define immersive, as well as for the design and sturdiness of the materials used. All at an affordable price, offering an excellent compromise between quality and price. Let’s find out together!

Packaging and unboxing | Speedlink VIRTAS review

The packaging is attractive and the cover perfectly reflects the characteristics of the product, both visual and technical. The aesthetic component that struck me most is the presence of backlit and multicolored company logo. No surprise therefore for the user, who finds all the features of the product both on the front and on the back of the package. The inside of the package is very minimal, with only the headphones and an instruction booklet. Of course, there is everything you need for use, but finding additional (and surprisingly) gadgets is always a pleasure. The Speedlink VIRTAS transmit audio thanks to a robust USB-A cable it’s a flexible microphone.

Headphone technical features

  • Driver size: 50mm;
  • Frequency band: 20Hz – 20kHz;
  • Impedance: 32Ω;
  • SPL: 106dB ± 3dB a 1kHz;
  • Cable length: 2.2m;
  • Dimensioni: 190 x 200-220 x 95mm (W x H x D);
  • Weight: 318g (including cable);

Microphone technical characteristics

  • Frequency band: 100Hz – 16kHz;
  • Sensitivity: -42dB ± 3dB at 1kHz;
  • Pickup pattern: omnidirezionale;

Materials and design | Speedlink VIRTAS review

Although the cost of the headphones is not high, the gaming headset Speedlink VIRTAS shows up with a elegant design and very pleasant to the touch. The plastics are smooth and sturdy, and the USB-A cable and microphone connections are well protected. Furthermore, the cable is very flexible but equally resistant, capable of withstanding even involuntary (and not!) Jerks. Even the plug USB-A is well sturdy and coatedand the aesthetics have certainly not been neglected.

I found the auricles very comfortablewhich also guarantee a excellent environmental insulation even with a volume of medium intensity. The upper headband is also very comfortable, well padded and does not create any discomfort not even after hours of listening. Thanks to its light weight and excellent padding, it really feels like you have nothing on your head. Unlike other types of headphones, the pavilions are not tilting, but thanks to the arch, also in rigid plastic, which allows an extension of about 5cm per side, the gaming headset presents itself adaptable and versatile to each head type. The length of the cable is excellent for PC Gaming and in case the cable is too long, it is possible to wrap it in the comfortable matching velcro. The gooseneck microphone allows dynamic adjustment according to your needs, and it is possible to deactivate it directly from a switch on the headphone cable, from which it is also possible to adjust the audio volume.

Headphones Speedlink VIRTAS are black in color, with a eye-catching backlit company logo on the auricle and dynamic colors. Do you often play in the dark and the light of the logo bothers you? Not a problem, because next to the microphone switch there is a button that will allow you to turn off the backlight.

An immersive sound | Speedlink VIRTAS review

Surely the product immediately strikes the eye, but gaming headphones are used to listen to the audio! So how do they feel? Given the affordability, I admit I was skeptical of the sound quality. I immediately had to change my mind. “Total Immersion” is the slogan that the German company uses to advertise the headphones, and they are not wrong. In fact, I would define the gaming headset Speedlink VIRTAS like a pair of headphones from the immersive sound. I have been using headphones with the Call of Duty: Warzone and I found myself listening to a clean and detailed sound. Excellent the fluidity of sound effects and the balance between left and right sound. The bass is also very present, allowing you to offer 7.1 sound declared. The headphones also perform very well in watching videos and listening to music. The audio continues to maintain its performance even at high volumes. Not least is the microphone, which offers the listener a clear and distinct sound.

360 ° management | Speedlink VIRTAS review

Headphones Speedlink VIRTAS also feature a management software downloadable for free directly from the manufacturer’s website. The software is very simple and minimal, offering the possibility to manage the audio volume from the app, both of the headphones and the microphone, and the sound balance between the ear cups. Nothing exceptional, it is possible to carry out the same operations with many other software, but it is free and it is in any case an element that enriches the already high quality product.

Conclusions and prices

The headphones impressed me both from an aesthetic point of view and, unexpectedly, for the sound quality. Speedlink has always offered us quality products, so I certainly wasn’t expecting the sound of an entry level pair of headphones, but neither was a audio so qualitatively high. Furthermore the design is captivatingwithout in any way neglecting the robustness of the product and materials. I would like to recommend them both to the casual gamer and to those who live on gaming. Furthermore the product is available on the market at almost derisory figure of € 49.99which makes it particularly accessible to those looking for a high quality sound at an affordable figure.

And what do you think of these headphones Speedlink VIRTAS? Will you buy them? Let us know with a comment below and read on to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Immersive sound
  • elegant design
  • Robustness of materials
  • Affordable price

Points against

  • Little useful software
  • Non-tilting ear cups
  • Assenza jack 3.5mm

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