Si terrà domani la prima competizione ufficiale di Mario Strikers: Battle League Football thumbnail

The first official Mario Strikers competition: Battle League Football will be held tomorrow

Backed by an exciting launch on Nintendo Switch just yesterday, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football presents its first official competition today. This is the Battle League Football Twitch Cupwhich will be held tomorrow (Sunday 12 June) starting from 15:00. The competition will include a sfida tra 16 content creator, and will be broadcast on individual participants’ Twitch channels. It will also be possible to follow the casting in real time, with the comment of Flavio dell’ErbaOn the canal Cydonia_Chiara channel.

Participants who will compete to the sound of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football

Participants will follow the instructions of four exceptional captains (Cydonia, ilMasseo, Sabaku no Maiku e Hollywood285) and will compete in Round Robin mode. Other participants in the competition are: Hemerald, Kyrenis, Croatian Croat, TearlessRaptor, AbiCocca, MichellePuttini, YleniaFrezza, JackTorrance90, giuliapremi, GabrielleCroix, VKTRJ e nfiregaming.

Officially released yesterday for the Nintendo Switch console, the game presents a new and innovative way of understanding videogame football. Our Daniele tried it, and in his review of the preview he wrote: “Mario Strikers Battle League Football has all it takes to shake up classic soccer games as only the world of Super Mario can. Not only adrenaline, thrashing and action, but strategy and roleplaying mechanics as well and we can’t wait to get our hands on the full game and be able to write our own review of this promising title ”.

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