Roblox announces the arrival of voice chats

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Roblox will have the voice chat. The function called Spatial Voice first becomes available to a small number of developers, in an invitation-only beta to test the new conversations within the game. And immediately there is concern about how the company will decide to moderate conversations between avatars of the players.

Roblox announces voice chats with the feature called Spatial Voice

A revolution in the multiplayer simulator. As Roblox chief product office explains Manuel Bronstein in a blog post, “With Spatial Voice, Roblox creatives can start testing the development of experiences where conversations can happen in a realistic way, mirroring how they listen and respond to the world around them every day.”

Judging by the way they describe functionality, Spatial Voice should recreate the virtual environment way the rumor spreads in the real world. So you have to be close and in front of another player to hear what they are saying.

But the question many are asking is how creators can moderate conversations, a problem that so many multiplayer video games have had over the years. And that gets even more concerning on Roblox, which has one large audience of children connected to the servers. To address this one step at a time, Roblox wants to introduce voice chats a little at a time. At first giving the possibility only to 5,000 developers, all over the age of 13. Bronstein explained in an interview with TechCrunch that “We will start with the developers, as mentioned. Probably after that we will go to an audience over 13 and we will stop there until we understand how to fit the various pieces of the puzzle. before deciding to open to a younger audience “.

For moderation, users will be able to self-report any problem.

Roblox is also testing a feature to allow players to talk to your friends wherever they are on Roblox, as if they have some kind of Discord server always connected with online friends. But even then, it looks like Roblox wants to take it slow. By avoiding to burn away the success he is accumulating by creating a toxic environment that drives younger players away.

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