Samsung: here are the new WindFree air conditioners

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With Samsung air conditioning solutions, experience a summer in maximum comfort with the pleasant breeze of WindFree air conditioners, the only ones with thousands of micro-holes and no direct air jet

Samsung stands out on the air conditioning market for its exclusive patented WindFree technology, designed to ensure maximum comfort and connectivity. WindFree technology is able to give maximum comfort in the absence of direct air jets with maximum silence; also ideal for the most delicate areas such as bedrooms or in the presence of children.

The WindFree technology works in two stages: first, the room is rapidly cooled by means of an open fin, until the desired temperature is reached. Once the temperature is reached, the flap closes and the fresh air continues to spread evenly through thousands of micro-holes on the surface of the indoor unit.

Samsung: here are the new WindFree air conditioners

Details on the new Samsung WindFree air conditioners

In addition to homogeneous air distribution, products that integrate this technology can also count on many other advantages, such as maximum connectivity comfort. Indeed, through the SmartThings App, Samsung’s connected home paradigm, it is possible to activate, program and monitor all connected devices directly from the smartphoneeven remotely.

WindFree technology is present in both residential and commercial products, such as WindFree Elite, one of the leading products for the home, in energy class A+++/A+++. In addition to having the innovative WindFree technology, which allows for a homogeneous diffusion of the air through the thousands of micro-holes.

Thus avoiding the annoying direct air jets, it is characterized by the presence of the Motion Detect Sensor, a movement sensor capable of deactivating and activating the air conditioner based on the presence or absence of people in the environment. It is also possible to set the climate control so that it does not direct the air towards people, or so that the coolness follows your every movement.

If the sensor detects no movement for 20 minutes, automatically switches to WindFree mode to save energy and after 80 minutes it goes into standby mode. In addition to the residential range, WindFree technology also extends to the commercial sector, with the WindFree Cassetta 1 Via and Cassetta 4 Vie products.

Features of the new Samsung WindFree air conditioners

The reduced thickness and minimal design of the Cassetta 1 Via WindFree make it an air conditioning system suitable for various commercial contexts, meeting various needs. In particular, its fin, in addition to being equipped with thousands of micro-holes, is optimized to allow for greater air diffusion and better distribution within the room. Furthermore, using the remote control you can adjust the angle of the vane between 30 and 80 degrees.

For commercial applications, the 4-Way WindFree Cassette is also available in two sizes, mini (62×62 cm) and normal (90×90 cm). The new micro-perforated fins, with a depth of 84mm in the normal version and 66mm for the mini version, allow for a greater air flow rate for quick set-up during phase 1; again, its angle can be adjusted.

Furthermore, the motion sensor detects the presence and position of people in the room, allowing automatic management of the air flow and effective cooling of the environment. In the end, the display on the air conditioner, simple and intuitive, identifies the operating status of the internal unit. Once the temperature is reached, the cool continues to spread evenly through thousands of micro-holes with the WindFree mode.

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