Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

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Let’s find out together, in this spicy Seven Pirates H review, if it is worth living the experience proposed by Compile Heart, thanks to the localization of eastasiasoft, even in the west: Booby Trainers, hurry up!

The vast majority of those who are preparing to read this review will not know, even by name, the Genkai Tokki series, one of the most popular and prolific “ecchi” franchises in Japan. Perhaps you will remember when we told you about Moero Crystal H, who arrived in the West after years of stasis in the rising sun thanks to an eastasiasoft that has done an excellent job with the English localization, opening the doors to other future rather … spicy entrances . And what’s better than blending beautiful maidens with the pirate theme? Sea of ​​Thieves just stand up.

As happened for Moero Crystal H, also in this case the conversion from the original on PlayStation Vita was carried out exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Seven Pirates H arrived in May on Nintendo’s hybrid, violently raising the bar of the boils of a summer that had not yet officially begun. In guilty delay, we recovered the title and, within the few hours that characterize the experience, we completed it. The thorny issue will now be to write a review of Seven Pirates H without getting fired by your editor-in-chief. We try.

Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

Self-proclaimed heroine

The protagonist of this sparkling new Compile Heart experience is Parute Kairi, a young damsel who, once struck by chance by a compass fallen from the sky, is convinced that she is the chosen one for the discovery of a priceless treasure. The compass is actually quite strange, as it points in unsuitable directions … upward type? The object is composed of seven different compartments in which the seven treasures indicated gradually by the magic compass will be set which, once completed, will lead our heroine to the final treasure.

Having taken the first steps in her exciting adventure, Kairi meets Otton, a creature with rather strange features and who will prove to be annoying … very annoying. Otton will in fact introduce Kairi to Booby Training, a technique that allows you to awaken the hidden power of each girl, a power that resides in a specific part of the body: the breast. You already understand where we are going, right?

Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

Monster Girls Gather | Seven Pirates H review

In the course of Kairi and Otton’s adventure, of course, the two will meet new girls and teammates, who will more or less voluntarily join the research team, composing a cast not very varied in character, but certainly not unpleasant. The various Monster Girls will in fact all be recognizable from every point of view, however, resulting in a jumble of clichés and clichés that only the most perverse Japanese minds can conceive. Not that we particularly mind it, actually.

We mentioned it, the time has come to get into the hottest moment of this Seven Pirates H review: Booby Training. Smiles and winks aside, in reality it is a particularly useful and interesting mechanic, as well as obviously composing most of the “ecchi” part of this game. Through the use of specific Elixirs, which will increase in number and type over the course of the adventure, we will be able to “train” the breasts of our girls and increase their characteristics or learn new skills, gradually more and more powerful.

Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

Boobas | Review Seven Pirates H

The training consists in moving the breast of the selected Monster Girl in different directions, both through the use of the Touchscreen of Nintendo Switch, and of the analogues and the backbones of Joycon and ProController, to increase or decrease size, height, neckline, strength and … much more. And the wonderful thing is that girls’ breasts will actually change shape in the game world as well. In the long run, of course, we ended up with particularly weird organs in shape or… direction, but Booby Training has a terribly interesting side to it for any RPG enthusiast.

As the party is made up of four girls, many of them could obviously be left behind if not properly interchanged. The possibility, on the other hand, of taking advantage of the Elixirs not linked to the character to enhance them even when they have been out of combat for a long time, allows you to avoid hours and hours of grinding and farming to realign an otherwise uneven party. Of course, it would have been a nice way to lengthen the gaming experience a bit, otherwise rather short and complete in a short time, but the developers had already thought about this in another way.

Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

From 2D to 3D | Review Seven Pirates H

Abandoned the genre of the dungeon crawler seen in Moero Crystal H, in fact, Seven Pirates was the first installment in the series to become a full-fledged 3D JRPG. Abandoned therefore the first person, we moved to the exploration in third of three-dimensional maps, with the fights that are no longer represented by very accurate and detailed sprites and provocative animations, but by battles typical of turn-based RPGs in three dimensions, with the girls who perform the strokes and the skills we select.

The gameplay of Seven Pirates H is divided into two distinct exploratory phases: that of the world map and the dungeons that compose it. The latter are all quite detailed, despite the technical difficulties that we will talk about later, and full of enemies to face, know and grind to obtain objects and complete the various secondary tasks that the game will propose to us. And it is precisely here that the donkey falls: to advance in the game map, it will be necessary to complete some of these secondary tasks.

We sometimes found ourselves unable to continue because… we didn’t really understand what to do. The list of requests is always quite full and well-stocked, and understanding which is the one that allows you to advance is not always so intuitive. Sure, if the reward of a secondary is a key it is normal to finish that first, but we assure you that it is not always that obvious. The use and reading of the information given to us by Booby Kinnice little creatures who act as clients, merchants and helpers and whom we will meet during the crossings, they will be able to simplify, in some situations, the tedium of “and mò, where do I go?”.

Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

A sore B side | Seven Pirates H review

The painful side of production is clearly the technical one. Although the Monster Girl sprites and illustrations remained detailed, winking and full of bite, the transition to the 3D world obviously entailed a number of noticeable difficulties for the development team. We are also talking about a 2016 title designed for PlayStation Vita, a hardware definitely behind both in time and in performance. The game environments, especially the dungeons, are therefore rather bare and repetitive, to underline how much the software is actually dated. In Moero Crystal this did not happen thanks to first-person graphics and the use not of 3D models, but of well-kept two-dimensional sprites.

To back up the technical backwardness there is also a soundtrack that has lost several points, proposing, for example, the same track for each boss bottle against different Monster Girls. The dubbing, on the other hand, seemed to us to be well made, although Otton is very disturbing rather than annoying. Obviously, the game is not localized in Italian, but the spoken English language (and superbly localized this time too) is not that difficult to understand.

Seven Pirates H review: Booby Trainers hurry up!

Trainers, rise up!

Ultimately, closing this Seven Pirates H review, we continue to be happy with eastasiasoft’s decision to localize the Genkai Tokki chapters also in English. This is because, net of the technical backwardness and a decidedly dated style, even Seven Pirates, as well as Moero Crystal, manages to give hours of fun for RPG fans in spicier sauce. We therefore recommend it to those who want to have a light, short and fun experience in several situations. And yes: you have seen well. In 1300 words of review we have never said it, but in closing it suits us more than good. And anyway, the Editor-in-Chief will never get to read this far … I hope. So: TITS!

Seven Pirates H is now available on Nintendo Switch. Let us know if you have played it and what you think of it below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend that you take a look at the InstantGaming catalog!

Points in favor

  • Funny hand pad
  • Tet growth system – well balanced girls
  • Always winking and well crafted 2D illustrations

Points against

  • Technical and aesthetic backwardness
  • Poor longevity, despite the bewitchments of the developers