Sharp celebrates its 110th birthday

Sharp festeggia il suo 110° compleanno

Sharp, a world leader in technology, celebrates its 110th birthday, managing to remain a solid and successful company for over a century

Sharpfamous world leader in technology, celebrates its 110th birthday. In a market characterized by high competition, the company has managed to remain a solid and successful reality for over a century thanks to support, ambition and creative genius in the development of its products.

Sharp celebrates its 110th birthday

From Tokyo to the whole world

The story of Sharp, in the field ofinnovation and product design it’s really impressive. Starting from humble origins, the founder Tokuji Hayakawaopens a metalworking workshop in Tokyoin September of 1912. Here he invents the mechanical pencilcalled “Ever-Ready Sharp”, A mechanical pencil which required to rotate the mechanical pencil to obtain the advancement of the mine and which will become the origin of the company name.

Faithful to the company motto “sincerity and creativity”And founder Tokuji Hatakawa’s goal of“ making products that other companies will want to imitate, ”Sharp continued to offer unique products and solutions, including world-class innovations that have contributed to the company’s development. As a result, Sharp has achieved many important milestones. Among these are the significant contributions to the expansion of renewable energies, to radio and television, to the development of calculators and LCDs and healthcare technology Plasmacluster.

Sharp celebrates its 110th birthday

Sharp: pioneer and leader in calculator development

In the 1964, Sharp invents the first electronic calculator entirely transistor, followed 10 years later by calculators with the first unit LCD in the world. In particular, the development of the LCD continues to evolve to become a key device for various applications in display technology, representing the main pillar of the company even today.

Optimization of TV and radio in Sharp

In the 1923after experiencing the Great Earthquake of KantoHayakawa moved to Osaka. In search of new opportunities, he sets his sights on first radio broadcasts in Japan and manages to assemble the first electronic radio device in April of 1925.

Subsequently, with the beginning of television broadcasts in 1953, Sharp starts the first mass production of televisions in Japan, kicking off the development of Sharp as a well-rounded electronics company. Already in 1976, he develops a television of suns 3 cm thick, arousing the admiration of technology enthusiasts of the time. In 1991, the tech giant unveiled its first wall-mounted LCD TV in the world.

Sharp celebrates its 110th birthday

A breath of fresh air: Sharp Plasmacluster technology

Although Sharp is famous for its televisionsthe company can also boast some success in the sector of ventilation devices, such as i air purifiers and dehumidifiers. Since 2000, it has proven the effectiveness of its patented technology Plasmaclustercollaborating with independent research organizations from around the world.

The ioni Plasmacluster they are the same type of positive and negative ions found in nature. It has been shown that highly concentrated levels of Plasmacluster ions they purify the air, eliminate odors, moisturize the skin and reduce static electricity. Technology is adopted in products and structures B2B to B2C furthermore 100 countries and areas around the world. The effectiveness of ions has been approved by several institutes around the world, including Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and China.

Sharp celebrates its 110th birthday

Sharp today: changing the world with 8K + 5G and the IoT

110 years later, Sharp is still a well-known name thanks to lasting success on a global scale. The range of products is vast, varied and becomes more and more unique from year to year. In the 2023, Sharp is preparing to tread entirely new ground: the company will launch sensational products such as a e-surfboarda electric surfboard, electric scootersimpressive Mini LED TV, electric bicycles for numerous types of terrain, beautifully designed air treatment products and powerful speakers such as SumoBox, just to name a few. The modern vision of the company is “to change the world with8K+5G e l’AIoT”.

To realize this vision Sharp uses the three main activities of the brand, Smart Life, 8K Ecosystem e ICTin an integrated way with the aim of realizing the “One Sharp” concept.

Sharp offers flagship products for home use, such as the brand’s televisions and smartphones AQUOSwith air purifiers, refrigerators, washing machines and vacuum cleaners equipped with Plasmacluster, as well as ovens and pots. But Sharp products are also widely used in the office, with multifunction printers, monitors, interactive display systems and notebook PCs.

The statements of Nick Chen

Nick Chen, Sharp Consumer Electronics Europe CEO, says:

We are very pleased to bring our range of innovations to Europe. As a traditional company, we have several years of experience in all areas of product development and design. Our long history of originality and innovation is invaluable to us, as it forms the foundation for the modern, interconnected Sharp world we strive for every day.

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