Short specialization courses for those who want to work in the Game Industry

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Digital Bros Game Academy, the training academy to become video game developers of the Digital Bros Group, launches short specialization courses DBGA PLUG-N-LEARN. A new initiative dedicated to those who want expand or improve their professional skills to work in the Game Industry.

The new specialization courses of Digital Bros Game Academy to work in the video game sector

The courses DBGA PLUG-N-LEARN born from the Academy’s goal of training professionals with vertical skills, in order to fill the training gap on specific development areas of the video game market. In fact, they have been designed to help people acquire the skills that are most requested by the sector.

The courses are aimed at those who already work in the industry, but want to expand and enrich their skills for professional growth. Or even for anyone who is thinking of pursue a career in the industry, learning specific skills for some of the professions of the video game market; and to people who come from other fields or study paths who wish to broaden their professional horizons.

The first two starting courses are Project Management & Production e Game Localization. During the year, other specialization courses will be introduced in the various areas related to the video game industry, for professional training.

All courses take place online in live streaming through the DBGA platform Intellego, in non-working hours. Their duration varies from 60 to 80 hours. Like all Digital Bros Game Academy courses, they are taught by industry veterans and are practical and intensive in order to obtain job ready training.

It will start on October 26th the course of Project Management & Production. Registrations are open and are carried out by filling out the online form on the DBGA website.

The cost of the course

The course has a cost of € 1250 plus VAT, discounted to € 1000 + VAT for those who register by 20 September 2021 and € 950 + VAT for students and former students of courses related to video games. The deadline for submitting your application is October 25th.

The objective of the course of Project Management & Production is to train Producer for the video game industry. That is to say professional figures able to supervise and guide the development of a game development project from the initial concept phase to the release, providing participants with the skills on Project Management strategies and methods in the field of video game development. The trainer of the course is Gero Miccichè, Development Director of Codemasters (EA).

At the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to access the portale DBGA Careers to search for new job opportunities in Game Production.