Presentato il nuovo Nikkor Z 40mm f/2 thumbnail

Introduced the new Nikkor Z 40mm f / 2

Nikon today unveiled the new small and light lens Nikkor Z 40mm f/2 for Nikon Z full frame mirrorless cameras. With this new lens, the Nikon Z family is further expanding, awaiting the Nikon Z9 flagship which is expected to arrive later this year.

The company presents it as compact, sharp and bright, ideal for many different photography and video genres, including vlogs. Yes, because the minimum focusing distance of only 29 centimeters, ideal for this type of shooting, perhaps accompanied by a Z5. The optic also guarantees reduced focus breathing.

Characterized by a graft a Z-Moun bayonette from a maximum aperture of f / 2, it looks like a faithful workmate even in low light conditions. The rounded 9-blade circular diaphragm will allow you to capture a soft bokeh effect. It will be a pleasure for photographers and videomakers to see how the subjects stand out from the background.

The internal structure consists of 6 elements in 4 groups among which two aspherical lenses stand out. To take care of the focus, however, there is a STM engine fast and quiet. Speaking instead of the body, this Nikkor Z 40mm f / 2 is equipped with seals against dust and splashes and offers a customizable bezel. This can in fact be programmed to manage focus, aperture, exposure compensation or ISO sensitivity.

The new Nikkor Z 40mm is presented at a time when the market is churning out various fixed lenses but above all with reduced dimensions that make it very discreet. Ideal in this way not to make the people portrayed feel in awe, but also to reduce the weight of your equipment. The focal length chosen by Nikon may seem strange, in fact we are used to 35mm or 50mm, but this length is becoming more and more appreciated by the public. When mounted on an APS-C camera the new Nikkor 40mm f / 2 will have an lequivalent length of 60mmmaking it an excellent portrait focal length.

We still do not know when it will be available on the market nor the price, the company has not communicated anything about it. But in all likelihood it will be a fairly inexpensive option to expand your Nikon Z kit starting next fall.