Smart ideas to make your stay even more comfortable, liveable and welcoming

To have a truly welcoming stay, you must first of all start by optimizing the space available. Let’s find out some smart ideas

To have a comfortable and enjoyable home, many aspects must be taken into consideration and therefore needs due attention. We are used to concentrating on the environments that we use for the longest time during the day, such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, but we often leave out those spaces that should allow us to relax in our free time, and in which we welcome family and friends.

To have a truly welcoming stay, you must first of all start by optimizing the spaces availablee, avoiding filling the room with furniture and accessories that are only in the way. In the Mondo Convenienza catalog you can find inspiration to find the right solution for your needs. A cozy sofa, a spacious TV stand, a nice looking coffee table: all essential furnishing accessories that can make the difference in a living room.

But we are in 2021 and any room in the house must be smart to improve the quality of life of the entire family, and why not, to save some money in the energy bill. Here are some ideas to make your stay in step with the times

Smart TV

A living room is not a real living room without a noteworthy television. The dimensions may vary according to the size of the room, but in general it is best to avoid overdoing it if the distances do not allow it. What you really can’t do without are all the smart features of the new devices, from the presence of inputs, to the possibility of easy connection to be able to comfortably use your streaming subscriptions from the comfort of your sofa.

Have you bought a TV in recent times, you are not the technological type and you did not know the existence of this type of screens, but above all you do not want to spend any more money? Don’t panic, there are devices that with a cost of a few tens of euros will allow you to transform your current TV into interactive TV.

Once the smart turning point has been made, it will be impossible to go back, and at that point why not equip the television with an audio system capable of creating a more immersive atmosphere and transforming the simple viewing of a program into a real experience. 5.1 sound systems and sound bars connect easily to the TV and are usable via voice control.

Smart lighting

Once you have a comfortable sofa and a high-tech TV, you need the right light for every occasion. There are smart lamps and chandeliers capable of reproducing natural lighting with almost infinite customization possibilities, to facilitate sleep and relaxation at the end of the day, or to improve productivity when working at home.

And with the smart control options you can manage the switching on of the lights with your voice from any room in the house and in any conditions. For even greater optimization, it is better to change the latest generation light bulbs that can synchronize with Alexa or Google Assistant, to have truly complete control over the lighting of your home. Moreover, these are energy-saving alternatives that heavily affect the reduction of consumption.

Smart ceiling fan

For many, the existence of smart fans may sound like a novelty, and in reality they are devices that have landed on the market in recent times. First of all, these are fans that have a noteworthy aesthetic appearance and that is not even comparable to that of the older generation items. But the most salient features obviously concern the features they are equipped with.

The blades in some models are retractable and therefore become totally invisible when not needed. They are equipped with LED lights that can be adjusted in terms of color and tone and can be comfortably controlled via Bluetooth connection and therefore with the simple use of your mobile phone.

Smart homes, a current reality

In conclusion, making your home smarter and more accessible is no longer a titanic undertaking destined for only those few who could afford to spare no expense. Many tools of daily use are now developed to try to interpret – with ever greater precision – people’s intentions and indications. If you haven’t taken this route yet, you will soon discover that a smart home can provide much more efficiency and much more relaxation.