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Smart tv: features, average price and offers

What are smart TVs and how do they work? What are the features of these devices and how much do they cost?

Everyone today has certainly heard of “smart TV”, but only a part of these people, in fact, have an idea of ​​what we are talking about. We know that with this product it is possible to watch TV series in streaming, that in the most prestigious models, that is with webOS, for example, you can connect Alexa, that you can also connect your smartphone and that, in general, you can navigate.

But how does it really work and what are the characteristics of a smart tv, literally of “smart TV”? In simple words we can say that this equipment is a latest generation TV which the services offered by the internet can be integrated, as if it were a computer. With this product it is possible, in short, to go beyond simple entertainment or, at least, it allows you to broaden (not just) the horizons. With the remote control you will have access to the contents of the various applications installed and you will be able to surf while sitting on your sofa.

How smart TVs work: features

The smart TV is a product that, thanks to a LAN socket or an internal WiFi module, allows you to connect to the internet. This gives the product innumerable potentials: you can see content on demand, use installed applications and other multimedia services. The applications of smart TVs, in particular, depend on the manufacturer: in all LG TVs there will be the same software, which will be different from that used in other brands. By connecting the system to an external memory card or portable devices, it is also possible to use the files saved on them.

With this kind of product, if it is of quality, you have a screen with a truly level image quality: in particular if it is a 4k TV (with a resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels), a smart TV Ultra HD (with 3840 × 2160 pixel resolution). The image quality is also determined by the precise type of screen: there is the plasma one, the LCD, the LED one, even if the best is certainly the OLED 65 TV, probably the highest level technology on the market. The operating system may be different: one of the most renowned is certainly the webOS of LG smart TVs.

How much does a level smart TV cost?

The price is certainly the worst flaw of smart TVs, also because it is always advisable to buy these products from the best brands. It goes without saying that usually though the initial cost is huge, usually these are products that can really last many, many years, not to mention that in the meantime you can enjoy a vision of a different level than any other TV.

The best way to buy a TV of this type is to buy an excellent smart TV on offer, which is of a renewed brand, with a level of technology and the right size for the viewing position. The best proposals are sometimes found directly on the brands’ websites, as for LG: buying here is not only safe, but also gives you access to excellent prices, since you buy directly from the “parent company”. Among the latest, already highly requested news, the products of the NanoCell TV Series – Nano 90 Series even if the most popular model of LG still remains, the LG Signature OLED TV smart TV of the ZX Series.

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