Snapchat celebrates Bitmoji’s 15 years

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Snapchat celebrate today 15 years of Bitmoji technology, used daily by more than 250 million people around the world. Born as a way to communicate and provide a greater visual identity, Bitmoji have evolved considerably over these 15 years, taking on an important role in digital fashion and in the ever-changing world of avatars.

Bitmoji’s goal has always been to connect people, make interactions with loved ones online even more special and creative. After launching the app in 2014, Snapchat soon realized the role fashion would play in its community’s creativity of expression. In 2015 the concept of Bitmoji Fashion.

Since launch, Bitmoji has partnered with popular global brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, Levi’s and Converse. Today, 15 years later, users can choose from more than a trillion digital outfits, for a digital wardrobe with infinite combination possibilities.

Bitmoji’s Fashion offer on Snapchat

Bitmojis currently offer several opportunities, both for Snapchatters and creators (and creatives). The latter have various possibilities to launch their fashion items for Bitmoji, such as:

  • It Drop is an exclusive digital fashion element that Snapchatters can use for their Bitmojis, for a limited time only. Before September 2022, when the first drop was released, Bitmoji’s numerous fashion contents were always available to users and most of the items remained in the catalog for years. Drops instead follow true real-world product drops and scarcity techniques widely used in the fashion industry to create more hype, interest and perceived value.
  • Gli Unlockable they are not available by default for all Bitmoji users, but you must perform a specific action to unlock them. Unlockables allow brands to offer exclusive content to consumers directly from their channels.
  • The Collections are the fashion releases sold in the Avatar Builder that remain in the catalog indefinitely. Collections usually include 6-8 garments.

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Snapchatters, on the other hand, can share Bitmoji through two features:

  • Sharing Bitmoji outfits makes it easier for Snapchatters to share and get outfit inspiration from friends. Users can share outfits in chat by pressing the share button in Bitmoji Fashion (where Bitmoji outfits are tried on and saved) or on their Snapchat profile.
  • Sharing the Snapchat profile allows Snapchatters to share their profile with friends, including the full 3D image of their Bitmoji, through a link or on other social platforms.

Plus the functionality Scan di Bitmoji Fashion allows Snapchat users to dress their Bitmoji in their own image and likeness. The technology uses intelligent detection of clothes, which are then scanned and digitally reproduced.

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