Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G

Sony Xperia 10 III: l’elegante smartphone 5G

The new Sony Xperia 10 III is finally official, in all its power and elegance. Let’s see all the features together

Sony is pleased to present the model Xperia 10 III, the latest addition to the popular Xperia 10 series and the first to be equipped with 5G connectivity. Xperia 10 III is packed with functions of entertainment, offers a long-lasting battery and comes up with a stylish design, compact, light e waterproof. It is one smartphone of mid-range, studied in the perspective of power, speed e portability.

  • First model of the Xperia 10 series to be equipped with 5G connectivity with 5G mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 690
  • The 25% in more capacity compared to Xperia 10 II, thanks to a battery gives 4500mAh, with vita useful extended up to three years
  • Design Elegant e light, with glass Gorilla Glass 6 di Corning and degree of protection IP65/IP68 (resistance to dust and water)
  • New triple camera optimized for shots with few light e subjects in movement and equipped with others innovative functions, such as animal detection in Auto mode
  • Wide display OLED FHD+ 6 ″ 21: 9 format without notch, with HDR support, for a quality of cinematic viewing
  • DSEE Ultimate to offer one audio quality next tohigh resolution and guarantee a optimal listening pleasure, either using the 3.5mm jack or wirelessly
  • Available in three elegant colors for satisfy all tastes

Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G

Sony Xperia 10 III: blazing performance with all the power of 5G

Xperia 10 III is the ideal solution for those who want to use, even outside the home, of all desired functions. It joins the power of a battery a long term to speed of 5G in the operations of streaming e download, whether you are listening music in headphones with quality next to format High-Resolution Audio, thanks to compatibility with DSSE Ultimate, whether you are watching a movie on the razor sharp display OLED FHD+. The platform mobile 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 runs apps smoothly, movies, games and more, ensuring excellent connectivity thanks to elevate performance and atenergy efficiency. Supported by technologies of deep learning of Xperia, the options of connectivity clever of Xperia 10 III exploit the learning engine of Sony — Neural Network Libraries — per to analyze the signals Wi-Fi disponibili e forecast any connection problems that are about to occur.

To avoid connecting to broken networks, Xperia 10 III currency previously the quality Wi-Fi and, if it is poor, switch to cellular

Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G

Powerful and long-lasting battery

Thanks to a battery a lunga time gives 4500mAh, Xperia 10 III has it 25% more capacity compared to previous model, to allow the user to exploit fully all device functions. Il sistema Xperia Adaptive Charging ensures maximum reliability of duration, also after three years of use. Monitoring the phone while charging per to avoid that yes overloads, the system is in fact able to keep the battery longer in good condition.

Born in the name of robustness and practicality

While having a broad display gives 6″, Xperia 10 III it is wide only 68 mm, ideal for one perfect grip. And, with his 169 grams of weight, and also light e handy in all occasions of use, from photos to video games.

Xperia 10 III is waterproof, with degree of IP65 / 68 protection, and boasts a extraordinary resistance, thanks to presence on both sides of the vetro Gorilla Glass 6 signed Corning, robustness guarantee to make front all’daily use. The glass also has scratch-resistant properties, ideal for those who intend never separate from your Xperia 10 III and therefore requires the maximum reliability.

Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G

Sony Xperia 10 III: feast for the eyes

Drawing on unmatched know-how by Sony in field of televisions, Xperia 10 III offers an experience of immersive cinematic viewing, thanks to the broad display OLED da 6 ″, without notch, with format 21:9 and support HDR. Thanks to technology TRILUMINOS for mobile devices, the itself installed on BRAVIA televisions, e to optimization of the video images, the OLED display gives natural colors unbelievable wealth e neri even more deep. It is also capable of reproduce HDR content, the format characterized by a dynamic range of levels of brightness more wide compared to standard video formats, at all benefit of the rendering of contrasts and colors. THE bright spots image purchase even more brightness and the color palette expands of colors and shades, reproducing blues, greens, reds and all nuance intermediate with greater brilliance.

Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G

Triple camera optimized for low light conditions and moving subjects

The triple camera, with super wide angle, wide angle e telephoto lens, allows you to create a variety infinity of shots, dai panoramas ai portraits more expressive. With the supergrandangolo da 16 mm there are no framing limits: can be captured boundless landscapes in all their beauty. The versatile target gives 27 mm it is instead a ideal wide angle per various situations of click and for low-light scenes, while the 54mm telephoto lens it allows to approach al subject, to realize flawless portraits.

The Xperia 10 III’s Auto mode now offers the function of animal detection, able to to distinguish I know the subject is a dog or a cat and di regular consequently the shutter speed and the ISO sensitivity, to produce sharper photos.

Thanks to goal improvement F1.8 and at the most effective algorithm of processing of the images, it’s possible photograph with less noise, when the light is scarce, also in modality nocturnal e automatic. When shooting in full sun o in backlight, the Auto HDR function helps to avoid the underexposed areas O overexposed, to make more visible faces and expressions.

In continuous shooting mode, Xperia 10 III is capable of shoot at 10 frames per second to grasp infallibly i subjects in movement, complete with automatic exposure on each frame.

Finally, Xperia 10 III records video in 4K, that is four times the resolution FHD, while SteadyShot guarantees smooth and steady footage, even when filming on the go.

Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G

Spectacular audio quality, in any listening mode

The sound of Xperia 10 III is always spectacular, both in modality High-Resolution Audio Wireless with both headphones connected through jack audio da 3,5mm. In addition to native functionality playback audio ad high resolution, Xperia 10 III also integrates DSEE Ultimate: exploiting theartificial intelligence e improving automatically and in real time the frequency and the bit rate, this technology performs theupscaling of the traces to bring them to one close quality to the High-Resolution Audio format.

Multi-tasking by nature

The exclusivity interface user multi-window Sony offers, on the wide 21: 9 screen of Xperia 10 III, a new one finestra pop-up. Perfect for the multi-tasking, it allows to overlap window to window for carry out quickly one new business, for example, reply to a message, and immediately return to the activity in progress, such as playing games or surfing the web.

Ease of transferring content from your old phone

Thanks to the Xperia Transfer 2 app it’s more easy that never transfer content give one old phone Android or iOS to the new Xperia 10 III. Photos, videos, music, contacts, calendar, call log and messages (SMS / MMS) are all transferable in quickly, easily and safely.

Sony Xperia 10 III: l'elegante smartphone 5G


Xperia 10 III is available with a new Style Cover antibacterial, even more practice e resistant, with integrated holder for place it smartphone in horizontal and make more comfortable viewing experience. The material is treated with a anti-bacterial coating effective at 99%, that prevent the proliferation of germs and keeps the cover always clean.

Sony Xperia 10 III: availability

Xperia 10 III will be available in black, blue and white and will be distributed with Android 11 starting from this summer.

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