Spacex: Internet operator license in France revoked

In Francia è stata revocata la licenza di operatore Internet a SpaceX thumbnail

SpaceX must deal with the revocation of the Internet operator license (with satellite technology) in France. The company will not be able to provide its connectivity services through the Starlink satellite constellation. The decision came in these hours and is linked to various factors, in particular to possible problems with the competition with a concrete risk of monopoly in its sector of activity. There is also an environmental issue linked toimpact of the mega constellation of satellites on the environment. Here are the details:

Internet operator license revoked at SpaceX in France: here are the reasons

According to what has been established by the French court revoked the license to SpaceX for the use of the Starlink constellation, Arcep, the telecommunications regulatory authority in the country, would not have followed the correct procedure. In particular, Arcep would have awarded SpaceX a license in February 2021 without going through a public consultation, necessary in these contexts. The revocation is also linked to the very articulated activity of SpaceX which could distort the market and competition with a negative impact on French consumers. In the future, SpaceX may regain the license but in a revised and corrected version.

There is also the environmental issue

The request to revoke SpaceX’s license was made by two French environmental organizations concerned about theimpact on the environment of the mega constellation of Starlink. Among the topics cited for this question is light pollution as well as the risks associated with space debris.