Tales of Arise: how to change characters

The new chapter of the Tales of saga is one of the most played jrpg of the moment. Its renewed combat system does not facilitate the use of some mechanics. So let’s find out how to change character in Tales of Arise

The new chapter of the historic Tales of series is finally available. The game, developed and distributed by Bandai Namco, immediately met with great success with critics and audiences. Strengthened by a renewed visual sector and a combat system at the same time accessible and layered, Tales of Arise is judged the medal of one of the best jrpg as well as one of the best Tales of titles. If there is one thing that many players find difficulty in, it is to use all the characters present in the game, both in combat than during the free exploration. So let’s go and see how to change characters in this new Tales of Arise.

A multitude of characters

The title takes up the atmosphere fairytale Western style with a cast of characters and an epic story with style anime. One of the strong points, as mentioned, is the cast of characters present in the game. The plot starts with the meeting between our two protagonists, alphen e Shionne. These, as in the most classic of fantasy stories, are at the center of a conflict between due populations. The evil empire of Rena he has imposed his dominion over the planet Dahna, limiting freedoms and oppressing the population. Alphen and Shionne, along with a great many friends e allies, they will be called to bring order by defeating the powerful threat.

The different personages that will be part of the cast, will not only be a side dish, but will offer a real one Help in game. Despite the simplicity of the approach combat system, some actions may be poco immediate or intuitive for the player. This is because of both interfaces barely legible and by the presence of many graphic effects e particles on screen. One of the biggest problems, which can also be found in previous titles, is it switch of the character. For this, let’s go in this guide to find out how to change character in Tales of Arise in all situations.

Tales of Arise: how to change characters

Changing the character while exploring – Tales of Arise: how to change the character

Tales of Arise keeps, come da tradition for almost all jrpg, a long life span. To conclude the game, no less than 60 ore. By default the game prompts you to use i due starring Alphen and Shionne. However, if during all stages of exploration there you will tire to always see the same character, you will have the opportunity to change it. To do this, just go directly to the menu of the game (the one dedicated to items, equipment, etc.), here you will immediately have the ready of all personages. You will notice a small symbol in the shape of flag. This indicates which one leader you are currently using and you can change it by pressing square. Despite this, the moment you enter the fight, you will impersonate Alphen in automatic. So let’s see how to remedy it.

Tales of Arise: how to change characters

Replacing the character in combat – Tales of Arise: how to change the character

The fights in Tales of Arise are a lot frenetic. What contributes to action and complexity of the combat system is largely the possibility of replacing the main character directly into battle. To do this, we must, once entered in combat, hold down the left bumper L1. Here, time will slow to a halt, and you will have all the time, not just for to decide which character to use, but also to think about a possible one strategy. You can decide who to use by pressing one of the buttons on the D-Pad, or directional cross. The characters present in the form of icons bottom left can be assigned to the D-Pad buttons via the main menu. Let’s see how to manage these options also in view of the special attacks.

Tales of Arise: how to change characters

Calling up special attacks – Tales of Arise: how to change characters

In addition to basic attacks, the special attacks. These can only be used through combo with other characters. If you look closely during the combat phases, in the lower corner a left of the screen you will find the icons of all the characters surrounded by a counter which fills up progressively. The latter can be increased using the combo Art. Once you have reached the apex of the counter with the desired character, you can activate their corresponding special attack via the key assigned on the directional cross. Unleashed the devastating special attack on a specific one target, you will have to wait further weather so that the counter does reload again.

Tales of Arise: how to change characters

A studied combat system

We have seen so far how to change character in Tales of Arise. Once you learned these mechanical, you can immerse yourself completely in this new combat system. The potential of the latter and its ability to exploit in an intelligent way the whole party, they are part of what makes the title enjoyable to play even after several tens of hours. Even if you have your favorite character, everyone is anyway useful in combat, as everyone contributes attacks different. If you want to learn more about the title, take a look at ours review. Recall that the game is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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