The Corsair HS80 RGB USB gaming headset review

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Le Corsair HS80 RGB USB have recently landed on the market, characterized by a sober design, the presence of the USB cable and compatibility with the iCue software, designed to help you personalize the experience. But how do they behave on the pitch? We tell you about it in this one review.

The Corsair HS80 RGB USB video review

The headphones for every occasion

These Corsair HS80 RGB USB they are born for gaming but in reality the aesthetics are absolutely sober. The only “tamarro” touch is the presence of LED lights that enhance the Corsair logoLED lights that you can customize using the software iCUE which allows you to choose both the pattern and the color.

We have a lightweight aluminum framechilda soft and elastic band e the fabric pads which make it extremely comfortable to use.
The weight then is 373g and it is really well distributed. We also used them for whole days, mainly for online meetings and to listen to music, and we never thought “enough, we need a break”.

On the left pavilion, in the back, we find a dial and a button. The ring nut, as you can imagine, serves a adjust the volume; the key instead is associated by default to the mute so just press it for turn off the microphonewith a small red LED located right on the microphone that will help you immediately know its status.
Important thing: as you can see the microphone is connected to the headphones, you cannot unplug it. But when you turn it up mute is automatically activated, so pressing the key will not change anything. When you put it in a horizontal position you can instead take advantage of the button. Button that – little gem – you can customize. As we told you, by default it is used to change or activate the microphone but with iCUE you can associate it with another function. For example, Play and Pause, or even a BIP to self-censor you. You can even use it to activate a program. The options available are plentiful.

Corsair HS80 RGB USB microphone review

Before telling you how they work, a little consideration on‘high build quality of this product. There are no creaks and there are no sagging. Corsair really did an excellent job.

How they behave?

The HS80 RGB USB rely on 50mm neodymium drivercover a range from 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz, they support Dolby Audio 7.1 e Hi-Res audio.
The yield is really good, both in daily use – therefore with music, conversations, films and the like – and during gaming sessions. Playing Apex Legends with background music we were able to distinguish even small noises, such as footsteps of enemies, without losing anything on the musical front.

Corsair HS80 RGB USB software iCue

You also have the option to customize the experience using the iCue equalizer, equipped with a number of useful presets. We particularly appreciated Movie Theater but this does not mean that it is suitable for all contents and all situations so we invite you to experiment with them all to understand which ones could be right for you.

The microphone also performs great that even in a crowded and noisy bar allowed us to converse without problems with our intelocutori.

Corsair HS80 RGB USB review: conclusions

But how much do these gaming headsets cost? 129,99 €.
In our opinion a fair price for a headset that you can actually use for everything. Whether for playing or working, listening to music, watching streaming content… This is thanks to a sober design and a good audio rendering.

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