The Hyperloop ultrafast train will speed through Veneto

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The Regional Council of Veneto approves a memorandum of understanding to open the treno ultraveloce Hyperloop. Technology Hyper Transfer it takes advantage of the constrained driving with limited friction and controlled aerodynamic resistance. An ultra-fast, sustainable and low-energy system.

Veneto will be the first Region with the Hyperloop train

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, the Veneto Region and the Venetian Motorway Concessions have signed the agreement that will bring Hyperloop to the Region. President Luca Zaia he explains: “The approval of this Protocol marks a distinction in the field of transport at national and European level. Veneto is in fact the first Region in Europe to start a similar experiment aimed at radically transforming European mobility and infrastructures “.

The Vice President of the Region and Councilor for Infrastructure and Transport Elisa De Berti he explains that the train will be very fast and will help all citizens. “This ultra-fast freight and passenger transport system with constrained driving, in a limited friction environment and controlled aerodynamic drag (and with low energy consumption) would allow the achievement of records in terms of speed and capacity able to reduce travel times and therefore distances to an all-time low. ”

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Now the Protocol provides for a collaboration to be initiated to identify a economic operator with the requisites suitable for the analysis and study of the work. We will then move on to the feasibility and development of a project for construction. There will also be a prototype to be tested in the field. So there is still a long way to go. But there is an intention to bring the ultra-fast train to Veneto.

The project is only in its early stages. But as Zaia explains: “Today the foundations are being laid for a future in which technology applied to mobility will make it possible to think of connectivity and sustainability no longer as a futuristic hypothesis but as a concrete reality and usable every day by all citizens “.

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