The new Knockout City trailer reveals the secrets of Season 3

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Velan Studio and EA Originals announced the details of the Season 3 from Knockout City through a new trailer and a post on their blog. The new season, available from Tuesday 5 October 2021, will offer dodgebrawlers the chance to experience new playlists and events, a new dynamic map, Crew vehicles and Crew contracts, and many other rewards.

Knockout City Season 3 is coming

Knockout City Season 3 – H@CKeD will take the players to the abandoned courtyard of one prison off the coast called Lockdown Throwdown. Here the dodgebrawlers will have to go through their own world they entered Z3R0, an all-seeing eye that monitors television, billboards, and even Brawler clothing.

The new season offers players a chance to discover who or what is Z3R0. Season 3 will also introduce the Brawl Pass, which will allow players to to level up o di unlock exclusive items to show off in the field.

Among the new game content of the Knockout City Season 3 we find:

  • 4 new playlists and events: throughout the season the dodgebrawlers will find out new modes e twists on existing ones. These events will award Holobux, XP or also tickets which can be used to buy cosmetics in the event shop.
  • New weekly contracts with 18 cosmetic rewards for the crew: Players can explore the new Cosmetics for the Crew. Among them are the Crew Horns, a wild and unique set of horns that sound as your vehicle skids in sight in Match Intro kinematics. There are also new Weekly Brawl Pass Contracts, new Training Levels and new Contract Levels.
  • Lockdown Throwdown: this abandoned prison still has all its security systems online and is the perfect map for this season.
  • The all new Brawl-Pass: Starting in Season 3, Street Rank won’t be the only way to level up and unlock exclusive cosmetics to show off on the pitch. In fact, the Brawl Pass arrives, which has 100 levels with unique rewards to be counted along the way. Levels unlock when you finish games, earn XP, and complete Brawl Pass Contracts. Each week there will be 6 new weekly Brawl Pass contracts on which players will be able to track progress as they play. Additionally, leveling up will grant new exclusive Cosmetics, Crew Vehicles, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, Holobux and more.
  • New additional content: a new energy drink, player voices, Chonky locations, packs, shop items and more.

The new Crew vehicles for Season 3 also include motorcycles, available in different styles:

  • Legendary – Ghost Rider;
  • Epica – Tech Bike;
  • Rara – Boba Biker, Crypto Chopper, Barracuda.

For more information you can consult the official website.

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