The Nilox project for sustainable mobility is on BricksLab

Il progetto di Nilox per la mobilità sostenibile è su BricksLab thumbnail

Nilox, a brand of the Esprinet group, is preparing for the first edition of the initiative Ideas and projects for sustainable mobility that I will be hosted by BricksLab, MR Digital’s digital education content platform. The project in question is aimed, in particular, at upper secondary school students. The aim of the initiative is to promote a deeper knowledge of issues related to mobility and its impact on the environment.

Project details Ideas and projects for sustainable mobility

Ideas and projects for sustainable mobility will be divided into two parts. A first phase foresees, for the classes that have joined, the participation, thanks to BricksLab, in a training course in six modules (sustainable mobility; sustainable mobility: case studies; the ideal city; road safety; on a scooter in safety: the rules to be respected; moving sustainable).

The second phase, on the other hand, the participating pupils will be divided into groups of 2-5 participants and will have the task of creating a project sheet to share the culture of sustainable mobility. All schools wishing to participate in the initiative they have time until the next one 31 March 2022. For more details, you can consult the section dedicated to the Nilox project available on BricksLab site.

The comment of Nilox and BricksLab

Andrea Russo, Chief Executive Officer of MR Digital (BricksLab), underlines: “In MR Digital we are convinced that schools can play an important role in educating boys and girls to adopt conscious behaviors and we are happy that Nilox has chosen BricksLab to carry out their project”

Giovanni Testa, COO of Esprinet (Nilox), he adds: “The way we travel is bound to change profoundly in the coming years: in order for this evolution to go in a more sustainable direction for the planet, we believe it is important to start from school, that is, from the citizens who will move tomorrow”

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