The secret function of photo wallpaper – expand the space

Photo wallpapers are again at the peak of popularity. Find out how you can expand your room with photo wallpaper

It seems that the era of photo wallpaper is long over. However, as the saying goes: “History repeats itself”. Photo wallpapers are becoming popular again in home interior design. Improved manufacturing technology allows you to use first-class image quality and is easy enough to use for wall decoration.

If you plan to re-hang wallpaper in your apartment, you can significantly improve your interior. Photo wallpapers perfectly decorate the room, hide all flaws on the walls, emphasize accents and visually expand the space.

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Tips for choosing photo backgrounds

If you want to visually expand a small space in your apartment, you need to pay attention to several points when choosing a photo wallpaper:

  • Choose glossy wallpaper. They reflect light perfectly and because of that, it will appear that the room is much larger than it is. Some textured backgrounds add depth and expand the size to the image.
  • It is worth being guided by the rule that light shades expand the space, while dark ones, on the contrary, untie it. If the walls in your room are made in light colors, you can find dark volumetric photo wallpaper that will perfectly highlight accents. On the contrary, if you have a dark room, then it is better to choose light wallpaper, creating a contrast in the room. If you want to choose something with rich and vibrant colors, choose colors that will match your furniture or accessories.
  • The secret function of photo wallpaper - expand the space

  • An excellent trick for expansion is striped patterns. This technique is also used in clothing. If you want to make your room ceilings taller, choose vertical stripes, and if you want to make the room wider, choose horizontal stripes.
  • Photo background theme

    Wallpaper design can help you liven up the space and blend beautifully with the overall interior. You can choose different wallpaper themes for your interior:

    Urban planning theme

    If your apartment or house has a modern style in the loft or in the modern genre, then such an orientation when choosing photo wallpaper will perfectly fit the texture. You can choose from images of modern architecture, important landmarks, majestic bridges or arches. An excellent option would be if the image is three dimensional, as this will create depth of space.

    The secret function of photo wallpaper - expand the space

    Pictures of nature

    If you are a fan of the natural atmosphere you can choose wallpaper with an image of forests or fields. The nautical theme will also refresh the space and give it lightness and ease.


    For visual expansion, window or staircase images are perfect, which visually transfer the owner to another space. You can choose between open windows overlooking the garden or stairs leading to a specific location. This technique creates the feeling that the room does not end behind the wall, but has a continuation.

    The secret function of photo wallpaper - expand the space


    Pictures of large cities with panoramic views are a great tool that will inspire apartment residents. A bird’s eye view of Dubai or a panoramic view from a bridge in San Francisco will perfectly enlarge the room. Such illustrations will give you a sense of limitlessness.

    3D drawings

    You can place volumetric images on your wall which will create optical illusions. Such images will create depth, and it will also be impossible to take your eyes off them. To enhance the impact, adjust the lighting that will draw attention to the illustration.

    Photo wallpaper for the children’s room

    When creating the interior of a children’s room, you must first of all be guided by the interests of your child.

    If you have a boyfriend, you can invite him to choose images of a world map, dinosaurs, favorite cartoon characters, Lego constructions, sports cars or dangerous underwater inhabitants on the wall.

    The secret function of photo wallpaper - expand the space

    If you have a girlfriend, you can choose wallpapers with princesses, animals in their natural habitat, unicorns, castles or geometric shapes.

    The most important thing is that such pictures will give your children a great mood, and they will also be able to expand a small children’s room.


    Photo wallpaper will help in seconds to transform a small room into a large one. They perfectly accent the interior of the room and create a relaxed aesthetic atmosphere. There are no restrictions on the use of the photographic background. They can be done in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.