The tricks to improve your WiFi signal

I trucchi per migliorare il segnale del tuo WiFi

Let’s find out some precious tricks to improve and enhance the WiFi network signal of your home and beyond

The WiFi signal is fully part of the list of those things capable of making us lose our minds. The reason? We often find that the network becomes inexplicably weak. Maybe we took care to install the latest generation of optical fiber and the most modern router, yet just move to a certain room and the loading of the pages becomes slower.

This is a problem that can be caused either by the network itself, which for some strange reason has too weak a signal, or by other factors. What matters, however, is that this problem can be solved. And in this article we will explain how.

When you have a big house: install a repeater

Let’s start with the simplest solution, which is to think that the weak signal simply depends on the fact that your house is too big for the home router signal to reach all rooms. These devices, in fact, even if powerful and of the latest generation are still designed to emit the signal within a limited range. A measure that also serves to protect your health by not exposing yourself to too strong a signal. If your house is large, then, first you have to think about installing repeaters, which will amplify the signal covering all the rooms.

Something is absorbing or disturbing the signal

Even in houses that are not particularly large, however, it is possible to have signal problems. In this case the problem may depend on some materials, such as tiles, which literally absorb it, not allowing it to reach the devices. It is a problem that mainly affects 5Ghz signals. In this case you can buy, or ask the telephone company, routers that forward the signal at a higher frequency.

There are also appliances and devices that do not absorb the signal, but disturb it. From smartphones to microwaves. If you find that when you are on the phone or reheating dinner the pages load slower, you have definitely found the intruder.

If there are too many devices connected

Sometimes the problem is not with WiFi, but with the number of connected devices. It is a frequent problem in our homes, which often tend to host a PC, a tablet, a smartphone, a smart TV or a Chromecast, and perhaps a voice assistant. Many, too many devices for the signal to perform well on each of them, especially if we also use the internet for pay TV.

Also in this case the advice is to install repeaters, so as to at least partially solve the problem. Another solution, then, is to not use the WiFi network when it is not needed. For example, if you only ever use your computer on your desk, and this is close to the router, you could connect the PC with the ethernet cable.

Some final advice

The ones we have listed are the most common problems for those with a weak signal. There would be no need to say it but, for safety, we also remind you that to exclusively enjoy your WiFi you will have to enter a password, otherwise the whole neighborhood will connect to your network. And, of course, if you want a strong signal you have to get a router with the latest generation antenna, which guarantees you good performance.

However, if the problem persists, it most likely depends on the size of your home, or on some materials, devices or appliances present that disturb the network making it weaker. The advice, in this case, is to find out which is the best WiFi repeater on the market and install one or two models at home. Your signal will come through loud and clear, and you will no longer have any loading problems.