TN vs IPS vs VA: Which is the Best Video Game Monitor?

TN vs IPS vs VA: Which is the Best Video Game Monitor?

Is it always better to choose a TN monitor for video games? What are the differences with IPS and VA panels? Let’s find out!

The differences between TN and IPS monitors they do not help a choice based on best gaming experience. Also, there are too many conflicting opinions on which one is actually best. Amid this confusion, the following should make it easier for you to choose a monitor purchase.

What is a TN panel?

The panels TN (Twisted Nematic) are among the most popular types of monitors for video game enthusiasts. Faster response times than IPS and VA panels are what makes them ideal in this field. They are also cheaper than their IPS siblings.

What is an IPS panel?

The panels IPS (In-Plane Switching) they are able to show sharp images and sharp color details. This makes them the best monitors for image editing, video editing, and content creation.

However, although they produce better color tones, they do not reproduce achromatic tones as well. And they have slower response times than TN monitors.

What is a VA panel?

VA panels were designed to have the capabilities of both IPS and TN panels. They are somehow somewhere in between and they are distinguished in MVA and PVA.

In general, they have better viewing angles, darker blacks, and better color contrast. Manufacturers claim their response times are faster, in fact they can’t really compete with TN and IPS panels in real life.

TN vs IPS vs VA monitors: the differences

With all the different features present, it is difficult to choose the right monitor. And that’s why we decided to list and highlight the major differences between TN vs IPS vs VA monitors in detail.

Having covered the main differences, we will now specify the particularities that make each monitor different and better than the others.

Response time

TN monitors have fast response times. With a response time of between 1 and 5 milliseconds, these monitors should offer an edge in competitive gaming.

IPS monitors take time to process images. And they have a response time that varies between 5 and 8 milliseconds, depending on the brand.

Regardless, IPS monitors have faster response times than VA monitors according to this article.

Viewing angles

TN vs IPS vs VA: Which is the Best Video Game Monitor?

TN monitors have poor viewing angles compared to IPS monitors. They cannot compete with their IPS and VA counterparts. You may also notice a change in colors from one angle to another.

IPS monitors have wide viewing angles. Unlike TN panels, colors don’t change from different angles.

VA monitors also have a wider viewing angle than TN but can neither reach nor surpass IPS monitors. Colors change slightly from different angles.

Color production

TN vs IPS vs VA: Which is the Best Video Game Monitor?

TN monitors cannot compete with IPS and VA monitors when it comes to the quality of color reproduction.

IPS and VA monitors have better control and better accuracy which provides more accurate colors than TN monitors.


TN vs IPS vs VA: Which is the Best Video Game Monitor?

VA monitor (left) vs IPS monitor (right)

TN monitors exhibit better achromatic shades than IPS monitors.

However, VA monitors have twice the capacity of TN monitors. Which makes them the best for watching movies thanks to better color contrast in dark scenes.


I monitor TN they are among the most popular monitors for most people. Then they are also the cheapest of the three.

IPS and VA monitors tend to be a bit expensive given the sharpness of the images and the wide viewing angles.


I monitor TN are the best for video games thanks to speed at which they can play back images and certainly those to buy with this priority.

IPS monitors can show quality images, but show slower response times than TN.

Conclusion: what is the best video game monitor?

Choosing the right monitor shouldn’t be based on the choice most people make. It should suit personal preferences and use.

With all the differences discussed, it is clear that i TN monitors are best for video games. This gives it an edge when playing competitive games. So if you often play competitive games, this should offer the most benefit.

However, if you are creating content, image editing, graphic design and video production, you need an IPS monitor.

Finally, if you prefer graphics quality while gaming, you need an IPS monitor.

Five milliseconds is not extremely noticeable to a normal user; however, true video game enthusiasts will more often prefer monitors with faster response times rather than monitors with good aesthetics.