Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

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In this recap article you can find all the announcements and trailers shown during Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show 2023 event

This year too the Tokyo Game Show 2023, the most important video game fair in Japan. During the TGS all the biggest video game companies will appear on stage to talk about their new titles and now it’s also the turn of Capcom. If you want to take a look at all announcements and new trailers shown by Capcom during the Tokyo Game Show 2023, here you can find them all comfortably.

Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

Dragon’s Dogma 2 | Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

Capcom decided to open its event with a bang, immediately showing a new Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay. The footage shown allowed us to witness some exploration and combat sections, but in particular he focused on vocations, that is, the classes that will be possible to choose. In total at the beginning of the game they will be available 4 different classes, but during the game you will have the opportunity to access new hybrid vocations just like it happened in the previous chapter.

The video shown also allowed us to better observe the game worldnow divided between the thriving land of humans and the desert kingdom of the Beastrans. Apparently these two regions will really differ greatly both in aesthetics and in the challenges and opportunities they will present to players. If you want to take a look at all the new features shown, below you can find the gameplay showcase complete.

Resident Evil 4 | Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

Obviously during the TGS it could not be missed either Resident Evil 4. In fact, starting today Capcom’s latest remake is enriched with Separate Ways, the new DLC dedicated to the story of Ada Wong. Furthermore, from today a new free update for mercenaries mode which adds quite a bit of new content.

It was also announced that Resident Evil 4 remake and Resident Evil Village are currently in development for Apple devices. In fact, these two games will also arrive on Mac and iPad compatible during 2023.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy | Tokyo Game Show 2023: Capcom announcements

Fans of visual novels will surely have been delighted to see the new trailer for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy. This collection contains the three chapters of the saga dedicated to Apollo and also includes all DLC released so far. This collection will also enrich games with lots of newssuch as new costumes for the characters, a gallery full of artwork, new dubbing and a section where you can comfortably listen to your favorite songs.

Furthermore, the game will also introduce the brand new story mode, where you can enjoy the events of the game without moving a muscle, and the animation studio mode, a sort of photo mode in which you will be free to create small animations by freely combining backgrounds and characters. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilog will be available from January 25, 2024 for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S.

Monster Hunter Now | Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

Obviously we couldn’t miss a moment of the event dedicated to Monster Hunter Nowthe new game mobile by Capcom e Niantic. The title has been available for a few days, but apparently a new big update is already expected in December which includes a new monster. Capcom also also announced that a March 2024 we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Monster Hunter and for the occasion there will certainly be announcements related to the brand.

Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

Exoprimal | Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

Capcom also talked about what’s coming to Exoprimalhis new one Dinosaur-based TPS PVE. Apparently the game will soon be enriched with the title update 2an update that will introduce new features like one new map, a new type of missions, two new rigs and the long-awaited collaborations with Street Fighter 6. The company also showed a very short teaser of the Monster Hunter themed content coming with title update 3.

Street Fighter 6 | Tokyo Game Show 2023: all Capcom announcements

After Exoprimal, Capcom has finally shown some news regarding the upcoming content for Street Fighter 6his exceptional fighting game. September 27th in fact it will finally be available Akia new fighter specializing in rapid attacks capable of poisoning opponents. A new one has been published for the occasion gameplay trailer which allowed us to better observe his fighting style and take a look at the different ones costumes available at the exit.

Furthermore Capcom has announced that starting from November 1st will also be added a new maximum rank for competitive mode. This new rank is called Legend and they will only be able to become part of it the 500 best Master Rank players.

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