Total War: WARHAMMER III preview, the war returns to Total

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Forces of good, forces of evil, you are all called to return to war in the magical, surprising and dangerous world of Warhammer, because the third chapter of Total War. WARHAMMER is about to arrive and demands blood. The arrival of the game is scheduled for February 17 but our thirst for battles could not wait and thanks to SEGA we were able to get our hands on the weapons in preview. Make yourself comfortable as long as possible and let’s find out together what awaits us in this one Total War: WARHAMMER III preview.

Total War: WARHAMMER III previewed

I kingdoms of chaos they are once again smeared with blood. The eternal struggles between good and evil continue undaunted throughout the world, now greater than ever. The Total War Warhammer III game map is in fact the largest ever made and will see immense armies clashing to fight for supremacy. As the Total War campaigns have accustomed us, also in this chapter we will have to unleash our skills in battles and diplomacy to build a powerful Empire starting from a simple province. Depending on race choice and position on the game map, external forces will intervene to bring opportunities and unexpected events to our game.

You will happen to have to face periodic attacks by demonic forces and defend the glorious wall that separates the world of demons from that of humans. Or you will have to defend yourself from Ursun, the bear-god which will periodically open cracks on the ground from which you will want to defend yourself as soon as possible. It will be necessary to visit each realm and juggle a thousand dangers before being able to recover the soul of the new Prince of Demons. Winning will not be easy but the possibilities are many. You will conquer the soul of a dying God or you will be able to destroy key factions and thus conquer supremacy.

The choice is up to you but the key is always one: total war.

The war is total again

The lands of chaos are still worthy of the name because, no matter which race you choose to side with, the threats are many and everywhere. Acquiring allies with important diplomatic actions will be more than important to help you in victory, but how real and lasting can an alliance be?

In true Total War fashion, the game is divided into two very specific mechanics: a part tactics on the game map in which we will have to explore the map, manage settlements and move our pawns on the world, and a part strategic where to command our troops to eliminate enemy armies, conquer cities or defend against sieges. Both modes are done in the best of ways and give us control of every aspect of the game.

The tactical section allows us to manage the settlements divided into provinces. Having control of an entire province will provide important upgrades to the entire region and we can even issue a decree. The advantages can be military, economic and so on, to be adapted according to the needs of that moment. There is no single way to win the game, you will have to be flexible and be able to adapt to situations perhaps in view of a great war or a difficult economic situation.

La section dedicated to battles real is structured in perfect Total War style, which does not contradict go. A huge variety of troops will stand out as far as the eye can see on the map, each with their own fighting style and unique abilities. In this regard, special mention should be made to the leaders of the armies who have their own skill branch and an equipment to find and upgrade during the game. Small elements typical of RPGs that further enrich the game mechanics.

Each race a gameplay

The extensive customization of the races present in the game. During our preview of Total War: WARHAMMER III, we got to experience the race of the gods Cathay and that of Demons of Chaos, extremely different from each other.

I Cathay

That of Cathay is a noble race inspired by oriental cultures and ruled by massive dragons capable of taking on human form. Their armies are located in the north, bordering the cursed lands in one endless struggle with demons who live there. The campaign with the Cathays will be characterized by a constant threat from these lands threatening the massive defense Bastion that separates the two nations. It will be impossible to enter the lands of the enemies, capable of continually damaging the troops, and the enemy armies will periodically attack the main gates of the walls. We will have to face two wars, constantly. On our side, however, we will have the potential of mechanics of harmony. We will have to find a balance, based on the constructions and technologies developed, of the Yin and Yang to ensure that no one prevails over the other. Once found, the balance will guarantee enormous benefits to all civilization.

In the same way, we will be able to use the bussola di Wu Xing which will affect the wind of Magic that inhabits the lands of the Cathay. The wind will blow to meet our needs. Added to these mechanics are the specific troops for this race which includes a solid hand-to-hand strength, spellcasters capable of supporting each other and powerful units at a distance.

On the strategic map we will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the commercial caravans and face the dangerous one Ivory Road to carry our goods around the world. But beware, even the commercial troops will face important battles!




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The Demons of Chaos

Total War: WARHAMMER III anteprima

Of a completely different breed (pass the pun), they are the Demons of Chaos. The Demon Prince As soon as he rises he is ready to lead the legions of chaos in the eternal war against various nations and immortal rivals, seeking continuous revenge on the rulers and even the gods.

We are faced with a race of great versatility, able to mix all the forces and potentials of the Gods of Chaos. One of their unique mechanics is the Demonic Glory which replaces the classic development of technologies and the skill-tree of the characters. As you gain new glory from battles, it will be possible to unlock Demonic Gifts for a truly unique Demon Prince customization option that will shape the way you fight. Once a great deal of demonic glory has been achieved, the Demon Prince will be able to ascend as the champion of one of the four Gods of Chaos or as a new entity to acquire unparalleled skills.

Our task as good Demons will also be to spread the corruption everywhere in the world to pave the way to victory and domination of other races.

Our preview of Total War: WARHAMMER III in a nutshell

Total War: WARHAMMER III anteprima

This first taste of Total War: WARHAMMER III has troubled us the desire for epic and colossal battles that only the Total War saga can give us. The preview allowed us “only” to play 50 rounds, more than enough to show us what the full game will be able to offer.

Settlement management, the ability to unleash your style of play and the breadth of gameplay mechanics present, are a dream for any fan of turn-based strategic video games of this type. Our forge of curiosity will remain in operation as we await the release of Total War Warhammer III.

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