Trust presents new headsets for home working

Trust updates its product line with 2 new on and over-ear headsets and 2 speakers with RGB LED lighting

The manufacturer Trust, announces two new ergonomic headsets: Rydo and Ozo. The leader in the production of accessories for the digital lifestyle, expands its Home & Office product line by offering 4 new peripherals designed to improve audio during home working, with excellent performance and competitive price.

In particular, both headphones mentioned in the opening are characterized by their compact and large design convenience in use, even during longer meetings, thanks to the soft leatherette ear cushions, theadjustable headband and al low weight. But now, let’s look at the individual products in detail.

Trust introduces new headsets for home working

Starting with on-ear headphones Rydo, boast an essential aesthetic, and are equipped with a flexible microphone that can be adjusted as desired, ensuring good freedom of movement, thanks to the 180 cm USB cable, and excellent sound quality and speech intelligibility.

Their adjustable headband makes them universal and easily wearable, while the practical integrated controls allow immediate adjustment of volume and microphone. On the over-ear side, Trust presents headphones instead Ozo. These headphones are solutions equipped with driver da 40 mm e adjustable microphone for always clear and precise audio, both in and out. As with Rydo, Trust Ozo also have a USB connection with integrated in-line remote control to easily adjust the volume or microphone. The length of the wire, here, it is of ben 2 meters, allowing even more versatility in the setup of the distance from your workstation.

Trust introduces new headsets for home working

Arva and Arys are two peripherals made with a design suitable for every desk and with RGB LED lighting, to add a touch of personalization to the workstation. Thanks to a power of 12 W, Trust Arys delivers rich volume and deep bass for any PC and laptop, all with a simple sistema Plug & Play with USB connection and power supply.

For those looking for a more versatile and powerful solution, however, it is speaker 2.0 Bluetooth Arva has driver da 70 mm, by a audio that reaches 20 W of maximum power, and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth, to conveniently connect not only PCs and laptops, but also tablets and smartphones. Maximum listening flexibility, therefore, with simple USB power supply, no power sockets required and easily accessible controls, located on the front of the right speaker, even for the LEDs.

Both speakers also allow private listening, by simply inserting the headphone plug into the speakers. As for the prices of Trust products seen so far for the two on-ear headsets Rydo e over-ear Ozo are available at a price of € 19,99 e € 29,99, while the speaker Arva a € 39,99 e Arys a € 30,99. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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