Used electric cars: here are the best-selling models in Italy

Auto elettriche usate: ecco i 5 modelli più venduti in Italia thumbnail

And’ surveythe European marketplace of reference for the used car sector, has drawn up a ranking of best-selling used electric cars in Italy. Here, then, are the models most requested by motorists:

The best-selling used electric cars in Italy according to

The survey confirms that the best-selling zero-emission model in Italy on the second-hand market is the Smart ForTwo, a real reference point for zero-emission urban mobility. Second position, however, for the Fiat 500 Electric, the first electric car produced in Italy. Could not miss from this ranking Tesla Model 3 which ranks third.

To complete the Top 5 of the best-selling used models in Italy according to the data provided by we find the BMW i3 and theAudi e-tron. The Top 5 of therefore consists of several premium models as well as cars designed for purely urban use, with very compact dimensions.

Antonio Gentile, Country Manager of in Italy, says: “Although the price hike situation is impacting the prices of electric cars, there is no denying how they are increasing in terms of models. We currently have over 10,000 electric vehicles available in our catalog. For us they represent a challenging case, as on the one hand the checking of moving parts is easier, on the other hand the battery status test takes more than 10 hours. On our platform we usually look for semi-new used electric cars, possibly within 2 or 3 years of life and with a low mileage “.