MIMO 2025, ecco quando si svolgerà la nuova edizione del Milano Monza Motor Show thumbnail

MIMO 2025, this is when the new edition of the Milano Monza Motor Show will take place

MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show will meet the public and professionals in 2025, when from The 4th edition will take place from 27 to 29 June.

MIMO 2025, the news planned for next year

Autodromo Nazionale Monza is affected by important modernization works concerning the Formula 1 track and the underpasses, which will lead the Temple of Speed ​​to be a major protagonist of the next Italian Grand Prix, scheduled for 1 September this year.

MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show will therefore be a great event for collectors and the latest innovations from car manufacturers, to be experienced within an Autodromo renovated in 2025 together with the in-depth analysis of all the transformations of an automotive system which concerns energy neutrality, development of the synthetic fuel supply chain, technological innovation.

MIMO 2025, the new Formula 1 track

And it will be precisely on the new Formula 1 track, on the occasion of MIMO 2025 from 27 to 29 June, that the Formula 1 race will be held again Indy Autonomous Challengethe challenge between the AV-24, the fastest self-driving racing cars in the world, built on a Dallara chassis and without a driver, programmed by students from the most important universities in the world.

The return of an event which, during the last edition of MIMO, thrilled and involved the public in the stands who saw duels, between hairpin bends and variations, between racing cars without drivers and which saw the victory of PoliMOVE of Politecnico di Milano against five opposing teams from Europe, America and Asia.

The 2025 edition will be announced during the conference organized by MIMO Milano Monza Motor Show, “10 years to 2035, how the automotive industry is preparing for the final rush”, which will take place on 28 June 2024 at Villa Reale Monza.

formula 1formula 1

The new format, what does it consist of

Andrea Levy, President of MIMO Milan Monza Motor Show: “The new format of MIMO, an open-air motorshow, organized between the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Milan, Monza and the entire Lombardy region, was a great success. In order for success to consolidate and take on the dimensions that adapt to the value of a region like Lombardy, it is necessary that partners continue to support us to reiterate how important it is to delve deeper into and communicate new technologies to the public, the potential of the development of new fuels and the use of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. We are ready to re-propose our festival concept to the public who, in previous editions, have shown great appreciation.”

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